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Ski slopes in minnesota

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Are there any good ski slopes in Minnesota? We are from the Wisconsin area so we would like a slope that is challenging but somewhat close to Minneapolis if there are any. We are planning a trip to Minnesota and would like a recommendation of ski slopes to visit.


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    Hi Mikey! While there are ski slopes in Minnesota, you won't find resorts on the same par with major skiing destinations like Colorado. This is because Minnesota is, for the most part, pretty flat! In my experience, the best slopes are at Spirit Mountain and Lutsen near Duluth, but that's probably a bit further than you want to drive.

    Close to Minneapolis and within the Twin Cities, there are a couple of popular ski areas... Buck Hill in Burnsville and Hyland Hills in Bloomington are the closest, but not the best. My favourite ski area in Minnesota is Wild Mountain in Taylor's Falls. Trollhaugen in Dresser (actually Wisconsin) and Afton Alps in Hastings are popular as well. All these ski areas are within about 2 hours drive of Minneapolis.

    If you like cross-country skiing, there are many more options as most state parks have good trails. Cross-country skiing in Minnesota is much easier to find!
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    Wild Mountain and Trollhaugen are the only worthwhile ski hills near the Twin Cities. Buck Hill is total crap.
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    There are many Ski resorts in Minnesota some of them are Afton Alps Ski Area, Andes Tower Hills, Buck Hill, Buena Vista.
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