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Visas for Mozambique

edited April 2011 in - Southern Africa
I am planning a trip to Mozambique for 7 weeks. I have heard that if you get a thirty day visa at the border you have to leave the country before coming back again. Then I came to this site and it said that extensions are easy to acquire while there. I am a bit confused, could you clarify any of this?


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    I don't have any experience with Mozambique visa extensions, but here in Swaziland it is merely a case of asking and it is granted. That is... if you are a bona fide traveller. Should be similar in Mozambique I think as all these neighbouring countries are attempting to unify their policies.

    What I can suggest though is that you get your visa in Swaziland - it is significantly cheaper to do so at the Mozambique High Commission in Mbabane, than in Nelspruit, or at the border.
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    if you take it to the immigration you can extend for another 30 days, to a maximum of 90 days in total!
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