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Budapest and Prague

edited April 2011 in - Eastern Europe
Four of us, all adults from South Africa and New Zealand, want to tour eastern Europe in August this year, we had in mind Budapest and Prague. We are even thinking of going off the beaten track to the little villages. Any suggestions please. We are interested in History. Is August a good time of the year?


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    I am a South African living in Lithuania and have been to both countries extensively.
    August is summer and so warm and sometimes hot :) Both countries are beautiful and safe - but August is peak time so the most expensive - I tend to rather travel in September. The back roads are in good condition to drive and the highways excellent - just buy a motorway pass at the border to Hungary else you could be fined. Lake Balaton (about 2/3 hours from Budapest) is a must !
    If you need any other information, feel free to contact me at [email protected]
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