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Dirty hotel in New Mexico

edited April 2011 in North America
How do I report an unsanitary hotel to the New Mexico health department? I stayed at a disgusting, bug-infested motel in New Mexico that is just begging for a visit from the Health Department. I searched, but couldn't find the agency to report it to. Could someone point me in the right direction?


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    You will most likely find it listed by the county or city the hotel was in. Any state I have lived in has done it this way, not as a state agency.

    Also you should tell the management. They might not know. Any self-respecting lodging operation (I am in the industry) would close said room and try their best to fix the situation and re-accommodate you. If not you can contact the Better Business Bureau (a private organization which grades businesses for the public).

    One last thing: be advised... In the States you get what you pay for, good or bad.
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