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Scammers and online dating

I want to warn everyone who does the online dating thing. If it is too good to be true it is. I had a guy contact me on Yahoo Messanger. He said he saw my profile on an online dating site. We started talking....everyday. He was very sweet, full of compliments, wrote poems. Supposedly he works on oil rigs and 1 week after we started talking he went to Belfast, Ireland. Now I am not a stupid person and I know that you do not send money to people you don't know. He told me he was a widower with a 17 yr old daugter who went to school in England and he had lost his wife (first he told me 5 yr then 3 yrs) to breast cancer. He sent me pictures and even had his daughter and I emailing each other. He asked me to send money to his daughter because he did not have his check book with him and I told him no that I did not have the money. 3 weeks turned into 2 1/2 months and his daughter needed lots of money for school so he had his company send me a check. I figure what could that hurt I would have the funds before I sent the money....right. Well the check was drawn on a canadian account and had to go to collections....thank god. He wanted me to go to the bank and get half of the money to send to his daughter and I told him the bank would not give me any money until the check cleared. He got very upset and started cussing about what kind of bank did I bank at. In the mean time his daughter borrowed some money for a male school mate and he wanted his money back or he wanted other things.
Well being a mother I could not stand the thought of that happening so I sent money. Then I start putting things together, like the fact that neither one of them will give me a home address or anything that I can verify, I sent the money 150 miles from where she goes to school, he told me that the head mistress from the school was calling and wanting tuition and he told me her name but would not have her call me so I could talk to her. The reason for that was because the name he gave me was noone who even works at the school....I called. He told me stuff like he had never meet anyone that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and I thought what about your dead wife. Then his daughter started calling me mom and told me that she was so happy to have a mother's love that she has never had before and I thought what about your dead mother. This guys name is Scott Jackson and his daughters name is Karina. I let him know that I knew he was a scam and that this bank was closed for business.
Please beware of any person who tells you they love you too quickly, who has you talking to their child with in a week, who writes the most beautiful things you think they should work for Hallmark, if they will not give you a phone number or address that you can verify, if they ask for money or ask if they can send you a large check because they have noone else to send it to, if they tell you that money is no object to them but there is always a reason they cannot get to their money, if they tell you they have a webcam but it is broke (if money is no object why is it not fixed?), if you ask questions and they talk around it or change the subject, or they contact you on IM instead of the dating site. If they contact you this way tell them that you would like to talk but on the website. Scammers don't like the websites because of the security on them.
Scott's fallen angel


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    Thanks for sharing a extreme experience from your practical life.
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    i have a friend who i believe is being scammed. very similar situation...scammer works in Virginia and keeps having trouble on his jobsite so he can't make it back home...the strange this is she paid $18.23 to have a package sent for him, but he turned around and gave her $2600.00 to pay off her charge card! they IM each other but not on a website. he says all the hallmark crap and has a daughter who lives in England with HIS mother because his wife left them....blah blah. i just cannot believe he sent her a cashier's check for that much money and that he also had his new debit card and PIN sent to her to so she can withdrawl money for him.
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    Please if anyone can explain this to me...why he would send MY FRIEND that much money...i need to explain this to her...she believes he's her real prince charming.
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    friend see posting under BTA and any think to do with Nigeria scam artist

    Report them to the site where your freind found this scum of the earth
    Are u in the States I know they have departments over there that take these matter seriously.

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    It's happening int he UK as well. Please check this link:
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    @scotts fallen angel: Have you considered pressing charges or went to the police abou this? Beacuse it seems my mom has been chatting with the same person (via Skype) and sent him money too. Every detail you described fits perfectly. Name Scott Jackson, daughter Karina, dead wife, works on oil rigs etc. there were other details that varied slightly, but overall it has to be the same person. If you had any additional information about him that you could share with us, we would appreciate it. You can contact me via email if you will - [email protected] I know the chance of getting him is near impossible, but still.. The nerve that this guy has of using someone, building their trust when the only intention is using them and getting their money...would smack him in the face, or worse.
    If you decide to contact me, I will be really grateful. Thanks.
  • Hello Sisters,

    this man has gall.  

    Fortunately, I am very techie and savvy about online piracy and Hackers as I did a research project for a company called Hacker One - white hat hackers.  

    I got contacted by a man who claimed to be called Scott Jackson who claimed to be  widower with one daughter who worked on an oil rigg on facebook.  Facebook isn't exactly a dating site and I don't use it as such.  So I had a hunch immediately that something was awry.  Since I am somewhat a hobby sleuth, enjoying shows like Murder She Wrote and the PBS versions of the same, I thought I allow him to speak to me for a moment.  I knew that I could "block him" as soon as he got out of hand which was immediately. 

    He had no friends. Only 5 and shortly thereafter 6 lonely women friends mostly from Texas.  I thought that was odd.  First of all all my friends either know me in real life or at the very least they have interests in common.  Before allowing him to befriend me I asked, what caused his invitation.  He told me he thought I was appealing.  No No Nr. ! = facebook is not a dating site.  No No Nr. 2 = he could not point out any interests we have in common.  - clearly a lazy man - as it would have been easy to simulate interest if he had tried just a bit.  - This negated his genuine interest to get to know me for any genuine reason. I am involved with a lot of cultural and spiritual action groups so it would have been easy to fake that. Clearly he was not sophisticated enough nor interested enough to fake anything. 

    No No Nr. 3 = he told me he was interested in developing friendship maybe more.  My first thought was How Gauche!   What a weirdoe.   Why would he assume I was interested.  

    He then asked me immediately what I looked for in a boyfriend.  I answered honestly I am not looking for a boyfriend. 

    He seemed not pleased.

    He immediately wanted to know what I did for a job.  I am an international research, media, and business development expert, creating brand matching opportunities, but that question, seemed extremely gauche after he had not succeeded in explaining what he wanted from me, why my profile gave him the idea I was remotely interested, and why would this matter if he found me "oh, so attractive!"   

    I told him that I didn't work and that I lived of my savings. This answer was probably neutral for his purposes of ripping me off.  Either I was terribly rich to live of my savings, or I was a lost cause.  I figured it was nebulous enough to make him "Not Interested." 

    Sure enough, I had succeeded in annoying him.  I asked where he was from.  He told me Las Vegas and asked where I was from.  I purposefully told him SF Bay Area.  Anyone in Las Vegas, would know what that meant.  He did not.  I was making him nervous,  He started to have an accent in his texts.  He started to sound more and more like a Nigerian Prince or a Somalian Prince who needed my bank account Nr. to bestow me with unbelievable riches.  Mind you we only knew each other for 5 minutes this far. 

    I was bold I told him that he had an accent that made me wonder of his origins.  I asked were he was born.  At that time, he lost it and told me that he thought I was a:  "Smart Ass"  I prefer the description of "wonderkind"  but anyhow he realized that he was dealing with a person that had a certain level of intellect. Clearly an annoyance to him. 

    He got ugly very, very quickly.  He said:  I need a favor from you.  I need a skype account since my IP address (on the supposed riggs of Ireland) didn't allow for him to open a Skype account due to the issue of his IP address.  

    He really had me going there in all the wrong ways.  I suggested that I will be delighted to get him in touch with the Skype trouble shooting team as  Tech Support for all of skype was headed in the UK.  I found the skype tech team most accommodating and helpful.  

    OOOHHHH,  Dear,, Darn,  I really made him angry with this response.  He stated, that there was no need to bring in the tech team, and police him, all I had to do is tell him that I had no interest to help him.  

    He again called me a "Smart Ass"  - I finally had confirmed that he was a total crook up to no good with poor manners and I told him that I did not trust him and that I prefer to spend time with people who knew how to show respect.  

    Stay away from weirdoes.

    This man is a crook.  He Probably is a Somalian Prince - or something, he is not American as he claims which is very bold.  He can't even spell English.  He is such a "poor" criminal that he doesn't bother to change identity.  What is wrong with us women that we give any of them the time of day?   

    Stay save!   If you get a "questionable request"  send a copy to [email protected] the NSA is trying to protect us and we must assist them if they are to succeed.  



  • I met a guy on Facebook he told me he works on an oil rig and has one daughter he lost his wife and two sons. He sends me poems and tell me he loves me after we have been chatting for a month. He asked me to send a phone to a women that he says was his daughters teacher well package was delivered to her and she sent it back i was contacted by the postal inspector of that city telling me that she had instructions to send it Nigeria so i got it back now i am out the money and on top of that i sent his daughter some money for her birthday like he asked but this time it went to her grandmothers in Canada. It has been almost four months since we started talking, again he has asked for money to help get the drill fixed. I asked him to wait this is making him not happy. He tells me that he has no friends but that was a lie because i saw the pictures of some of his women friends on Facebook and he has deleted me as a friend on Facebook twice and I asked him what is going on he lies of course. We do talk on messenger which he does not like but he sends me pictures on there which i save so if i have to i will go to police with them. This mans name is Dalton b Jerry. I am wondering if anyone has had the same man contact them. He says he lives in Los Angeles and of German decent
  • @hud, I'm afraid every aspect of this story is a signature romance scam. You don't need confirmation that the name is fake to know this is all lies. Cut ties immediately.
  • Hud you have been scammed you can say goodbye to your money.Go to the police but Dalton B Jerrydoes not exist. He definitely is not living in Low Angeles more likely Lagos Nigeria.
    Stop all contact with this man.
  • Dear hud,

    Why are you wasting one single nanosecond on this scammer?

    Move on. Stop being an idiot.

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