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Kusadasi - suitable for elderly tourists?

edited April 2011 in - Turkey
my parents fancy trying kusadasi but all the apartments i have looked at mention steep hills?? Is kusadasi very hilly. Parents are 70 yr old and although quite fit dont want them to face a steep hill in the heat. Anyone suggest anywhere or anyone been and can give me some info on the place.


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    Depends what sort of holiday they are after. Parts of Kusadasi are very commercialised - some areas have been likened to Blackpool in the sun but that's just some people's opinion :o)
    Have they been to Turkey before and fancy trying somewhere else? What are their reasons for choosing Kusadasi?
    There are places that are more on the flat such as Turgutreis on the Bodrum Peninsula. A lovely town with some nice apartments very close to the shops, bus station etc. Lots of the Antalya area is mainly on the flat as well.
    Hopefully someone who knows Kusadasi better than I do will be able to advise you! I've only briefly visited.
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    Kusadasi is a terraced town however, the Municipality mini bus service (dolmus) is excellent and many properties while on a hillside location have a bus service to the door. Modern apartments have lifts however, you need to verify these services with the booking agent etc.

    Ladies Beach area is particularly hilly, the only exception being the promenade however, this is dedicated to hotels, cafes and restaurants.

    Kusadasi has the largest aquapark in Europe, listed in the New York Post as one of the 10 best aquaparks in the World, a superb Marina, over 700 cruise ships visit the harbour every year, a huge selection of five star hotels, 32km of coastline and listed in the Guinness Book of Records for its cuisine……………….

    With over 7,000km of coastline and a young population with respect for their elders I guarantee that no matter what part of this Country’s superb coastline they decide to visit they will have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday.
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