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Can I leave UK on day trip & re-enter on new visa? - URGENT

edited April 2011 in - Britain and Ireland
My cousin has come over from the USA but his Visitors Visa (6months) runs out on 14th April 2011, he has been staying in Hotels, with family etc.

He is thinking of leaving the UK for a day trip to France and wanting to come back into the country on a new visitors visa. He is awaiting a decision on his Passport & upon trying to contact the passport office for the last few weeks has not been able to get through to them.

Is he allowed to leave for a day then return on a new visa or is there some kind of cooling off period?


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    How did things with your Cousin work out? I have a friend from Costa Rica who is about to do the same thing - go to Europe for a few days and then come back in so that she can hopefully get another 6 months stamped on her passport... does it work? Is there any amount of time that she should stay out of the country - is 4 days enough? Any advice would be great, thanks!
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    I don’t think you will face any kind of cooling period. You just need to apply back if you are valid enough to hold visa again then you will surely have it.
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