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Backpacker Hostels in South of France

edited April 2011 in - France
Hi Everyone,

I am travelling from Sardinia to the South of France at the end of April.

I am looking to stay in a cool chilled backpacker hostel somewhere in the south of France - somewhere near the spanish border would be good as it's a bit warmer down there.

My question is: Does anybody know of any hostels like this in that region or close by? I cant seem to find anywhere by searching on my own steam in google.

Thanks for any input


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    Try with They are covering a number of locations in France to search hostels and have listed the nearby hostels for each location. Hope it helps.
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    I'm Giuliana, an Italian student from Luigi Bocconi University in Milan.

    For my final project I'm doing a reserch on youth hostels (YH) and, in order to do so, I need your help!
    You all are customers of hostels and it would be grate if you can answer to the following questions about amenities, services and location of YH's structures on the basis of your preferences.

    below the link:

    I really thank you for your kind support.


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