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Where is Mount Rushmore?

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Where is Mount Rushmore? Is it in North or South Dakota? Does it cost money to see? What else is there to do in the area around Mount Rushmore?


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    Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota. Being a National Park there should not be an admission price.
  • Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota. It is absolutely amazing and beautiful. It is mind blowing to consider the amazing feat that men can accomplish when they put their minds to it. To think of the fact that the monument was created during a time when the technology used to create this type of structure was still fairly primitive compared to the tools we have today. Add to this the fact that it is so well made and it is astounding. There is also a monument close by that is just as amazing and is dedicated to the well known Native American legend Crazy Horse that is also well worth looking at.
  • Yup, Mount Rushmore is definitely in South Dakota. While some national parks do charge fees, there is only the parking charge, which is about $11. The Crazy Horse Monument is nearby, but it's also enjoyable to just take a drive through the Black Hills. South Dakota is mostly empty, but I find those wide-open states to be the most enjoyable for road trips through the US.
  • Yes its in South Dakota and it is very famous mountain.I like it so much.It is very historical and many tourist are attracted to this place.I,m a tourist by profession and also a history lover.I personally visit this place.Its an amazing art.
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