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I urgently need help! my daughter is on a yacht bound for greece. she has a schengen visa valid from 1 may 2011. she needs to get home due to emergency. the yacht will stop off in tenerife in about 4 days: who do i contact regarding her schengen visa as we need to bring the date forward? are any other visas required for tenerife? is tenerife one of the schengen members?


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    Tenerife is part of Spain, which is part of the Schengen agreement. What passport does she have?
  • Thank you David. We were told that because she has a crew log book, all Samantha needed to do was have it stamped at immigration which is what she tried to do, immigration officials could not help her, neither could the police. At the moment, we are like sitting ducks, the captain will go with her in the morning and we'll take it from there. I am hoping they can assist her. We have been in contact with the Embassy here in SA and they have advised her to go to the police station at the airport. they apparently will assist by giving her the transit visa.
    Samantha has a South African passport as well as a crew log book.
    thank you for responding to my plea.
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