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passport expiry

My son and I are going on a 2wk holiday to Spain in May. My son's passport expires in September, the travel agent advised me to renew his passport before going, do I really need to?


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    I don't see where's the problem, if you will stay in spain for only 2 weeks. It would be a problem if you son was going to stay in spain up to October or later months. You should check at the Spanish Embassy in your country.
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    It might depend on your nationality, but generally, I'd say you'd be okay. It is ALWAYS advisable to have a passport valid for six months after your intended date of departure from a country, but for a two-week stay in May (especially if you have confirmed return/onward tickets), I don't see your son's passport expiring in September being a problem.

    Where are you from? Perhaps check with your local Spanish embassy, like Valencia has suggested.
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