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Marriage to my partner

edited April 2011 in - Tunisia
Hi i plan to get married next year to my tunisian boyfriend, and i live in Northern Ireland, please can anyone advise me as to what papers i will need to go ahead with my plans. I am visiting In August when we will be going to the embassy to start the ball rolling.


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    You will need the following:

    Birth certificate not older than 21 days prior to your marriage
    If you have been previously married then your marriage certificate and divorce papers
    Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) available from the British Home office
    These all need translating into Arabic/French and can be done here in Tunisia very cheaply
    You and your fiance must have blood tests but they must be done here - they take only minutes and is cheap

    There is loads of information on: mainly for British and Irish women so you will find lots there to help you.

    Good luck
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