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Marriage to my partner

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Hi i plan to get married next year to my tunisian boyfriend, and i live in Northern Ireland, please can anyone advise me as to what papers i will need to go ahead with my plans. I am visiting In August when we will be going to the embassy to start the ball rolling.


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    You will need the following:

    Birth certificate not older than 21 days prior to your marriage
    If you have been previously married then your marriage certificate and divorce papers
    Certificate of No Impediment (CONI) available from the British Home office
    These all need translating into Arabic/French and can be done here in Tunisia very cheaply
    You and your fiance must have blood tests but they must be done here - they take only minutes and is cheap

    There is loads of information on: mainly for British and Irish women so you will find lots there to help you.

    Good luck
  • Lesley as i re-read this conversation....i ask you this question. I am from The States and have same question. I want to travel to Tunis in April of next year 2017..this will be my first time visiting the country to see the man i have been online with for the past 7 months. If this man is everything i see him to be and wish to marry him. Can i marry him the first time i go to Tunisia?? say we spend some time together and really love each other. can we marry while i am there?? if i have all proper papers??....
  • @ShellyCherif
    You can marry in Tunisia when you visit as there is no waiting time. You simply need the correct documents.
  • Alethia -thank you so much!! i .was misinformed through guerradios
  • @ShellyCherif
    Lesley and I will gladly assist you.
  • Alethia-I know that you have gone over this topic so many times-but i only want to be very clear of this understanding...when i come to Tunis-i bring with me a certified copy of my birth Certificate-no older than 3 weeks-and i also bring divorce decree-and passport and photo Id???...I know we have to registar with the Embassy-and also get medical question is does my Tunisian have to do a English exam as well as part of the marriage approval?? And if i am visiting for 3 weeks is this enough time to have all this done?? Thank you for you time and attention
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    Sally - here is what you need to bring:

    Original birth certificate no older than 21 days before date of marriage - note that it MUST be an original.

    You should bring your original marriage certificate along with the divorce documents

    You must have a certificate that states your single status and your ability to enter into marriage

    Copy of your Passport - all pages even the blanks

    All these documents should be originals and must be translated into Arabic/French and you can have that done here quickly and cheaply.

    You do not have to register with the embassy. You will have blood tests done together here in Tunisia. You and your intended make an apt with the doctor and he will order the tests. Go to the pathology and you will have the results the same day.

    Your friend does not have to have an English exam - this is Tunisia, our official language is Arabic!!

    Yes you can do it all in 3 weeks - however a word from a wise one - be careful!! Make sure that you see the marriage contract and have it translated BEFORE you sign it!!!
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    Shelley - I did forget to just warn you about advice you receive. Alethia is a first rate immigration lawyer and knows intimately the laws in regard to this subject. I am an expert in Tunisia having lived here for many years. I understand this culture, society, the language and the naughty little boys who live here with a desire to live elsewhere. Please take care - Alethia and I are here to assist and ensure that you get the correct advice.
  • @Lesley ...LOL!!!!! i love you ladies and have read and followed your advice to many-you are smart women and can sniff these bad boys out from afar-Leslie you warned me back in March if you remember right about a certain TUNISIAN-and may i just say YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT with the advice you gave...only i learned the hard way!!! :( Never this man send me the monies back-you nailed it right on the button my friend!!!! and thank you as always for the quick response two are wonderful!!!!!
  • Shelly then I am warning you once again!! I'm always right lol
  • @ShellyCherif
    You need to listen to Lesley, because she is absolutely 100% right. You are heading for a broken heart and a hole in your bank account
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