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i am going to france on 7 may returning on 12 may [dover to calais ]. myuk passport expires on 14 june 2001. will i be allowed to travel or does the 6 month apply to my passport.


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    Evening Colin,

    I realise you have a UK passport but the answer depends on your nationality. I've assumed you are British and that you will take the ferry.

    That being so, the answer is "Yes".

    Both the UK and France are members of the EC. Free movement of people who are nationals of member states of the EC is a "given".

    Moreover, you have /will have a a return ferry ticket showing your intent to both return to the UK/ leave France for the UK.

    If you are not a British national you should check out French immigration requirements at the London French embassy website.

    Have a great trip

    M. Deraillieur:

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