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Weddings in Iloilo City Philippines

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I was browsing through the posts here at Travel forum . I realized that there are couples based abroad who want to get married here in Iloilo City, Philippines. Just want to let you know that there are a several wedding coordinators/planners who can assist your needs. These are competent planners (with business registrations to operate as event planners in the city) who are based in Iloilo. I've read several posts and discussions about couples complaining that there are limited resources in Iloilo and that they have to get planners and coordinators based in Manila.

In fact, we are planning to organize a group of licensed event planners in the city so we can serve you better... There are a lot of coordinators nowadays but only a few are conducting event planning legally (with portfolios of their work) in the city. I hope this post will help those who are planning to get married in Iloilo Province or Boracay Island...



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    hi, can i ask the name of these organizers? thanks a bunch.
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    Hi auli! Sorry for the late reply. You can address your inquiry re. organizers to this email add:

    [email protected]

    thank you!!!
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