Antiques in Nigeria

edited May 2011 in - West Africa
I have been chatting to a lady supposedly from California, buying antiques in Nigeria. Took only two days to ask for money, supposedly investing $25000, but staying in a hostel. Very informed on California where she supposedly comes from, emails pictures of an hispanic woman, stunning.Below is an example of an email she? sent:

"Cutie i know how you feel about me asking you for money. You really have to know that i need your help that's why i asked you to help me out. Though we haven't met each other in person but i really want you to trust me. I want to get the papers so i can be on my way home. Without the papers all the money i invested will be wasted and i wont be able to claim the antiques when i get home."

Could this be a scam where a second hand computer still had data on a hard drive???

Anyone had similar with a female??


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