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Passport expiry for Malaysia?

edited May 2011 in - Malaysia
we are planning to travel Malaysia for 2 days but my child's passport has only 5 months 23 days validity, we live in Singapore and holding US passport. Is it OK to travel like this?


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    Short Answer, No. Malaysia have a strict 6 month or more expiry rule. It is likely that if you dont renew his passport then you will be turned away in Malaysia by immigration,

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

    Hope your journey goes ok.
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    Yeah it is right Malaysia is so strict when speaking to validity. hope yuo'll do something to make the trip go on.
  • Is it still ok to travel to Malaysia/transiting to other country with passport expired 25/02/2015. How do you work out the 6 month validity. Arrived in KL airport on 19/7/14 to transfer to HK then return 31/7/14 to transfer to Australia. Please advise
  • You have plenty of time on your passport.
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