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Thailand travel costs

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I have clients traveling to Koh Samui and Bangkok, they would like to have an idea on how much to budget for regarding the cost of food, drinks etc. He would also like to know the availability/accessibility of ATM's in Koh Samui is, he is staying at the Tongsai Bay Hotel. Please be so kind as to advise on the estimated costs, how much should he budget for +-.


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    Thailand is cheap - even for South Africans! Most people can get by quite happily on R200 per day.

    Here are some ideas of what things cost in Thailand (R1 = 5B):

    * Grilled chicken and sticky rice from a street vendor 20B
    * Plate of Thai food, rice and a soft drink at an average small restaurant 40B - 70B
    * Macdonald's BigMac Meal – Small 85B Large 92B
    * Plate of Thai food and a soft drink on Bangkok's Khao San road 100B
    * 'Singha' beer in an average bar 60B -150B
    * 1 litre of bottled water from a store 7 - 12B
    * Can of soft drink 10B - 12B
    * Small Mars Bar 27B
    * 20 cigarettes (Western brand) 45B
    * Average taxi or tuk-tuk fare round central Bangkok 70B

    ATMs are plentiful in Koh Samui and they can be found in any of the large hotels.
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    Thailand is cheap for most people, apart from Thai people. Whilst I was in Thailand I budgeted for about £15 a day for travel accommodation and food, (always eating out). I was backpacking at the time so it was not luxury by any means but you can eat out in the evening for £2-3 or up to £10 for a swanky meal out! Add another £1 for a beer. Food during the day you can pick some of the most amazing things from street vendors just make sure it is a fairly busy place otherwise the food can of been sitting around for a while.

    As with many popular places, ATM's are plentiful, however if you head into the jungle and the remote beaches you will need to take enough cash to last your stay.
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    Cost of Accommodation
    With the range of tourists that visit Thailand there is also a giant selection of accommodation and price ranges.
    Dorm beds: 100 – 200 THB ($3.31 – $6.62)
    Double rooms with fans: throughout most of Thailand go for 200 – 300 THB ($6.62 – $9.93)
    Double rooms with air-con: usually in the range of 300 – 500 THB ($9.93 – $16.55)
    The next step up will include hotel-like conditions with freezing cold air conditions, fridges, and sometimes even safe boxes: 600 – 1000 THB ($19.87 – $33.11) per night for a double
    Nicer Hotels: If you are looking to splurge and go crazy, you can get very nice hotel rooms for 2000 THB ($66.23) per night

    Cost of Food
    Those who are lovers of food are welcomed to Thailand with open hands. Food throughout Thailand is in no short supply, and luckily, it’s affordable enough to make eating out a hobby.
    Street Food
    For a meal on the street consisting of rice, vegetables, and a little meat on a single plate (more information on Thai dishes), the price should be anywhere from 30 – 50 THB ($1 – $1.66)
    Big entire meals of street food with a selection of dishes and maybe an entire fish: 60 – 200 THB ($2 – $6.62) per person
    Sit Down Restaurants
    Indoor Thai food restaurants with air conditioning can cost 100 – 200 THB ($3.31 – $6.62) per person
    Full Japanese sushi buffets and other gourmet restaurants: 300 – 400 THB ($9.94 – $16.56)
    Bangkok is a melting pot of various cuisines; restaurants serving food from all over the world can be found throughout the city.
    1.5 L bottle of water: 13 THB ($0.43)

    Cost of Drinking / Going Out
    The cheapest way to drink in Thailand is to purchase alcohol from a 7/11 or other convenience store.
    Big bottle of local beer costs: 40 – 60 THB ($1.32 – $1.98)
    1 L bottle of whiskey: 150 – 400 THB ($4.96 – $13.22)
    Local or small style bars: 100 THB for a beer ($3.31), around 100 – 200 THB ($3.31 – $6.61) for small shared bucket of whiskey and soda (called a bucket in Thailand)
    Some of the fancier clubs can charge a cover of a few hundred THB (especially true in central Bangkok).

    Cost of Transportation
    Taxis are in abundance all over Bangkok and the fare starts at 30 THB ($1) and goes up from there. Going most places within the central Bangkok should not cost more than 150 THB ($4.97)
    BTS / MRT: The BTS is an elevated train, while the MRT is an underground train. The lines are not overly extensive, though they do cover the main center of Bangkok. Fare costs anywhere from 20 – 40 THB ($0.66 – $1.32) per ride depending on length.
    Buses are quite easy to use and cover Bangkok with the most extensiveness. Fares are anywhere from 6.50 – 20 THB ($0.22 – $0.66) depending on route and what kind of bus. If you plan to take buses, I would recommend purchasing a bus map route before getting started.
    Tuk Tuks: Many tourists like to take tuk tuks for the thrill, but taxi’s are usually cheaper, unless you really know how to negotiate – upwards of 30 THB ($1) for a ride.
    Motorcycle Taxis: Used for short distances or down neighborhood roads for 10 – 20 THB ($0.33 – $0.66) per ride
    Out of Bangkok
    There are loads of options for traveling around the country of Thailand. Buses are easy and efficient and there is a big range of transportation classes. Motorbikes are available for rent all over Thailand for around 200 THB ($6.62) per day, but be careful as there are quite a few scooter accidents.
    VIP from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (10 hours): 700 THB ($23.14)
    Normal class from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (10 hours): 350 THB ($11.57)
    VIP class from Bangkok to Krabi (12 hours): 800 THB ($26.46)
    Normal class from Bangkok to Krabi (12 hours): 350 THB ($11.57)
    Local 4 hour bus ride from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet (4 hours to Cambodian border): 200 THB ($6.62)
    1st Class Sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (12 hours): 1200 THB ($39.66) with own bed and air condition
    3rd Class train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (12 hours): around 250 THB ($8.26)
    If your are really on a budget, I took the 3rd class train from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani (12 hours) for 250 THB ($8.27)
    Air Asia offers the most competitive prices on budget flights. 2 months or so in advance and it’s possible to get a flight from Bangkok to Phuket for 1000 – 1500 THB ($33.11 – $49.66) one-way.

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