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Residency Permits and Passport renewal in South Africa

Hi. Does anyone know the answer to my passport renewal/residency permit renewal? I cannot get a straight answer from the SA Home Affairs....
I am Canadian and need to renew my passport when I visit Canada for a month during an upcoming trip. Will I then be able to return to SA on my current relative's permit (which is stamped in my current, soon to be old passport?) What happens once i get my new canadian passport, will they let me also keep the old one, and will it still be valid for travel? If not, then I will have to renew my passport in SA, but I havent known anyone long enough for me to get it "guaranteed" by anyone here in SA properly. They need to have known me personally for 2 years.


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    Hi Kelly,

    I'm American, so there may be slight differences, but you need to speak to the Canadian embassy, not Home Affairs. You should be able to renew your Canadian passport through the embassy in South Africa. If you're a Canadian citizen, then why do you need a South African to vouch for you?

    Generally when you get a new passport they will return your old one to you, but clip holes in it so it can't be used officially. You will then want to go to Home Affairs to have your permit transferred to your new passport. This can't be done quickly while you're in Canada, which is another reason you should try to complete this here. It shouldn't be a difficult process, but I choose to go through professional agencies to deal with Home Affairs as it saves me much frustration and time. I can recommend several agencies depending where you stay in South Africa.

    Hope that helps!
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    Not much more I can add except check which may have some leads or try calling a lady by the name of Brenda at the Wynberg (Cape Town) branch of SA Home Affairs on 021 763 6408/9 who seems a cut above the average so far as that Department's customer service standards go! . Suggestions above about speaking to the Canadian Embassy are probably the most likely to get you sorted. Good luck!
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    In case someone read this old post..
    "Please note that the process for transferring a temporary residence permit into a new passport (after expiry or loss of the previous passport) has recently changed and is not a same-day procedure anymore. A request and supporting documents have to be handed to the authorities and will be sent to the HUB, which will issue a new permit and return to the regional office for endorsement in the passport. This process may take anything from 4 weeks onwards."
    Read on
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