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Travel to Uzbekistan

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Hi All

I'm looking for an 'off the beaten track' kind of place to travel to next, and the more I read up on Uzbekistan, the more ideal it seems to be!

PLEASE, if any of you have travelled there, give me some advice on what to expect, and the best places to see. Is it really an unearthed gem, or will I be disappointed?


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    Hi , there ,
    I am the travel agenct in Uzbekistan . If you want to come go ahead, you will definately not disappoint.
    I am not sure ratehr I can send you some information about my company.
    Best places to visit are Tashkent , Samarkand, Bukhara , Khiva
    Best time to travel beginning of April till june and Aug-Oct .

    You take care , and get better operator

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    Dear friends!
    We suggest you to visit our wonderful country. Uzbekistan one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in the Central Asia. Also only at us the most historical and beautiful cities rich with culture and tradition of the Uzbek people are stored about one today. We will be always glad to meet you in our solar to edge.
    Inquiries on bodies: +998 71 254 11 11; +998 71 232 22 55
    E-Mail: [email protected]
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    I am a Pakistan national and in March 2011 visited Uzbekistan. I stayed there 10 days and enjoyed my visit. The places that i visited were Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Kiva. They are all historical places and if you have any interest in history i am sure you will have great time. People are friendly and hospitable. Summer is usually hot and in my opinion the best time to visit is spring or fall.
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    I am a Pakistani and visited Uzbekistan. I stayed there 8 days and enjoyed my visit. The places that i visited were Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Kiva. It's a wonderful place to visit.
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    our company arranges trip along Uzbekistan if you are interested more information in our website
  • Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva are the best historical cities in Uzbekistan . Also uzbek kitchen is unforgettable!

  • I went to Uzbekistan three years before and explore its many attractive spots. According to my experience I think you should visit the historical places of this region. Here I want to mention some names which has worth to visit there
    1. Samanid Mausoleum
    2. Registan
    3. Shah-I-Zinda
    4. Gur-e Amir
  • When I meet random tourists at the street, I realize that the knowledge they have about Uzbekistan relies more or less on a media, less on a reality.
    The name of Uzbekistan often is recalled with Afghanistan, or Pakistan, or Turkmenistan. It's almost as if I say that Greece, Turkey and Spainare the seaside countries.
    Here is my hand, take it and travel for a moment throughout Central Asian geographical map.
    Is Uzbekistan in Russia?
    Yes, but only from 1868 till 1917. The wind of our Steppes tells the amazing tales which are not only tales of Tsar Empire, but also the tales of Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Arabs, Persians, Roman empires and Independent Uzbekistan. Now we are the only guards of our rich heritage of unique and rich history. In this year we will celebrate24th anniversary of Independence Day.
    Uzbekistan is Samarkand?
    It could happen that when you think of my country, the first name that comes to your mind is the city of Samarkand, turquoise domes, archeology, colorful and fragrant markets, the memory of its caravans and why not ... Shaherezade ...
    Samarkand is my hometown, it is wonderful, but it's not the only pearl of Uzbekistan.
    Uzbekistan is also known by Bukhara’s witness of ancient times, Shakhisabz which is a hometown of Tamerlan, Karshi - the Iron Gates, Ferghana and its cave paintings, Navoi, Nurata, Royal Road of Khiva and red desert which is considered as a tomb of Daniel... These are the first and the last Timurid Mogols, they are also endless fields of cotton, its mines of gold, its merchants, its scientists, its astronomers, mathematicians and its poets. Uzbekistan is a society that welcomes hundreds of nations for millennia on the Silk Road. By the way, Hillary Clinton during her visit to Uzbekistan said: “Uzbekistan is a perfect example where Islam lives together with Christianity and other religions.”
    My friends, I hope with all my heart that very soon you really will meet Uzbekistan not only to see what it shows, but also to feel whatever it is! As a travel agent at Silk Road Destinations (DMC) I invite everyone to the crossroad of East and West to enjoy every corner of my beautiful land!

  • @ravshan thanks for your post. I am just wondering if there are any areas of Uzbekistan which you would advise travellers to avoid? I understand that the country is stable and relatively safe, but you have some dangerous neighbours... are there any border areas which travellers should avoid? I see the official advice from the British FCO is to avoid the borders of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. What do you think?
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    I think in age 50~60 years people need to travel in country like Uzbekistan. My grandma was in Uzbekistan shopping tour. She very love their traditional product.
  • Travel is for all ages @EpikHig
  • If you need a hotel in Uzbekistan you can use this site:
    It helped me one time, where i was there
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