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Youth in Holland

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I am going to be travelling to Holland in early June this year. I am going to be travelling by myself and I am wondering if there are such things as international youth groups, or something of that nature. I guess what I am wondering is how to find a travel buddy once I get there. I will likely be staying in hostels. Is there some sort of network for people sucha s myself, to find other people travelling in Holland??

Any help is great!



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    Hi nick,

    I'm not familiar with any youth travel meet-up groups that I'd recommend, but in my experience you'll always meet friendly people in hostels. I've taken several solo trips that turned into adventures for two or three!
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    I'm Giuliana, an Italian student from Luigi Bocconi University in Milan.

    For my final project I'm doing a reserch on youth hostels (YH) and, in order to do so, I need your help!
    You all are customers of hostels and it would be grate if you can answer to the following questions about amenities, services and location of YH's structures on the basis of your preferences.

    below the link:

    I really thank you for your kind support.


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