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My Trip to Islamabad Pakistan

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My trip to Islamabad was to meet a few people and finalize a business deal. Overall, I really liked my visit and I found some interesting places to see. Islamabad has some good places to visit such as Rawal Lake, Daman-e-koh, Shakar parian and a few others. There is a food market, few minutes down from where I stayed and they have most of the resturant branches centrally available at one place and a Menu book to choose from any dish from any resturant avaialbe at the food market.


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    I visisted Pakistan in December for the purpose of getting married. I must admit that I was frightened given all of what has been going on and the fact that I am a female American with blonde hair and blue eyes. After arriving, my fiancee was at the airport to meet me with his family. He lived about 4 hours from Islamabad. I could see that this was an extremely poor country. There was military on just about every corner in the city and police all over. But after settling into his home I felt very comfortable. Everyone was extremely hospitable and bent over backward to make me comfortable. I never felt threatened although I did spend most of my time in his home. We did visit a nearby city, Mandi Bahauddin, and did some shopping. I felt a bit uncomfortable as many people stared at me but I believe it was because of my fair complexion and blue eyes. I did wear a Salwaar Kameez so I didn't stand out too much. We visited some friends and they were just delightful. Many asked about America, if I worked, what it was like to live here, what kind of housing, did everyone have a car, were homes heated, etc. They were very curious about the American lifestyle. All in all I must say that I was cautious in my travels but I never really felt threatened while I was there.
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    As the other people I have no any bad thought about the Pakistan.My trip to Islamabad was to meet a few people and finalize a business deal. Overall, I really liked my visit and I found some interesting places to see.
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    I agree Pakistan being a poor country and always struggling for its lack of policitians and worst leaders. The country itself has pretty much everything along with natural beauty and resources. I was there last year visiting and noticed ppl living in posh areas are almost utilizing all the new technologies and keeping up with the world. I feel pity for the country for wat it is going through at this time and agree with Barbella about being scared visiting Pakistan. But in actual its much better and I felt it the same way too when I was there.

    The main issue in the third world countries is the source of earning for an average person. People who can earn well living in any of those countries, can save much more and live a quality life too.

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    Islamabad is most beautiful cities of the world. From airport, driver took me to heart of city, i.e., F-8/4 to Continental Guest House Islamabad. It is a mighty building with lush green lawns and greenery. Lobby is wide and well decorated. Rooms are very aesthetically designed. Service is great and food delicious. Most of all, the atmosphere is so peaceful that i just felt like home. You can visit all the major tourist sites like Daman e Koh, Zoo, Blue Area, Secretariat, BariImam very easily due to short distance.

    Visiting Islamabad never feels like you are visiting a poor country. Its a modern capital with all the facilities and luxuries, and some great Hotels and guest houses like Continental House Islamabad.
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    I will travel to Pakistan holding an invitation letter from the company where my husband works there. Is there any problem about this?
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    You will need to have a valid tourist visa or something stamped on your passport. it shudnt be a big deal. For most countries, other than India, i guess, they issue a visa on arrival.
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    Hi my name is numair ahmed and i live in germany my visit to pakistan for 2 months was good it was not very good because there is loadshading and there is not water sugar and more fews but i like the people in pakistan they are very kind to me. There are hotels kfc hfc and more .
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    hi name is salma amin and i live in italy i like islamabad so much because it is kind a difrent from italy and i like the people of islamabad and i looooooooooooooooove pakistan
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    Hello everyone who wants to come to Pakistan. It is a very beautiful country, people are very friendly and hospitable. We have all type of places that a tourist is interested to. We have nice cool places in North and hot desert in South. We have the second highest mountain in the world. We have some historical places and buildings too. There is no denying that we are facing many problems now but i am sure one day we will handle them as we always did in the past. If you in knowing more specially about Karachi the city that i live in i will be happy to provide you. I am also very fond of travelling and have been to many countries and thats why i want people to come to Pakistan.
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    Dear Freinds! I Have not visited Pakistan and I love to visit . BUt the fact is that I am from India and a non muslim. But one thing I can say that Inis far far better than any other countries in the world in terms of hospitability , freindliness. We treat guests as God and sometimes offers free food to the strangers. India in Incredible India.Pakistan has also very good natural beauty and people looks good , only the political situation there is in great jeopardy.
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    I m travelling to Pakistan in december 2011,my daughter british passport expires in may 2012,is if ok to travel plz somebody help
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    I visited Islamabad last October and originally was only staying for 2 weeks. However I love it so much that I did not leave until early December. I am a blue eyed blond but I found that by dressing respectfully and being sensible and thinking about the behaviour that is expected in the curture I was in, it meant that my stay was fantastic. Everyone I met was so kind and friendly. I felt very safe walking around and shopping. I adored wearing the salwaar Kameez, in fact I had many made whilst I was there. I made so many new friends and enjoyed the visits to so many Pakistani homes. I cant wait for my next visit in a couple of months time. I would highly recommend a visit to this most friendly city.
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