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Malaysia safety

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Hi, My friend and I are trying to plan a visit to Malaysia. We are interested in visiting the Sabah area and diving around Mobul/Sipidan. I see there is a gov't travel warning. Is it safe there and is this just something gov't's issue to cover their you know whats?!

In general how safe and easy is it to travel Malaysi in the current political situation?
Thanks for your help!


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    Hi there,

    About the safety when travelling to Mobul/Sipadan:
    I thinks its ok now to travel there, the kidnapping story is thing in the past already, now the security had been improved.

    In general, in current political situation, there is nothing to worry about, we malaysian still living our life here with ease. Malaysian is basically very civilized, we didn't mix politic with our daily lifes unlike in some other ASEAN countries. By the way, I'm living in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where sometimes the political party hold mammoth gathering and obstructing the traffics. But thats all, you can divert into other ways, no harm. Beside that the kuala lumpur malaysia hotels still operating, none is closed. So have no worry.
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    Sipadan is one of the best dive sites in the world and so many, many people must have passed through this region (since you checked) and stayed at Mabul Island. Keep the travel warning in the back of your mind as a general warning for all travel to exotic and far flung places and perhaps keep an eye on the FCO website to see if any further advice is added. it wouldn't stop me from going to these destinations.
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    The political situation is stable now in Malaysia. You should travel without any worries.
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    Anybody considering travel in the Sabah region of Malaysia should note that there is currently a small, weird little battle going on between a group of Philippinos laying ancestral claim to land and the Malaysian army. Apart from this current violent skirmish, the region is generally still considered dangerous, as the government warnings will alert you, and kidnappings are still a concern. Sabah is an incredible state to visit but you must be aware of the potential problems and take safety precautions if you travel there. Many people do, despite the risks, because the attractions of Borneo are overwhelming. The rest of Malaysia is considered very safe.
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