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Getting Married in Koh Samui

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Me and my fiance just decided we get married in Koh Samui.. Can you experts help me what beach in Samui nice and quiet for seremony, where to start all preparations and arrangements?


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    Hi Ella.......I run a wedding planning company in India by the name of Aladin 'N' Genie Integrated and have started managing destination weddings and can help you with all this can contact me on [email protected]
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    Thaks Genie for offer.. But we found allready local wedding planner from Samui my personal planner Aey have been super! They will do everything for us for very small price compare what it will cost back in the home..
    Now my and my fiance job is mainly accept menus, decorations etc.. and ofcourse when we get Thailand get married and take whole thing like holiday and try to relax.
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    My name is Jermaine and I am a Stag/Bucks and Hen Specialist on the island. I would love to discuss how we could arrange a great bespoke evening for the Bride and Groom before the wedding.

    You can view some of our most recent events on our Facebook Page *Koh Samui Karnage*

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