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Travel between US and Mexico

edited May 2011 in North America
My partner and I are travelling to the USA in June 2011. We have both completed the ESTA forms and have valid EU passports (Irish and GB respectively).
We are travelling to San Francisco for 3 nights then travelling to Cabo in Mexico for 9 nights, then back to Vegas for 3 nights and leaving the USA to travel back to the UK. All flights and hotels are booked.
Does anyone know if we will be able to travel in and out (and back in) to the US on the ESTA or is it possible that we will encounter immigration problems?
I presumed that we could travel between countries as the stay was within the timescale of the ESTA.
Sorry for the long query - I've done this all independently of a travel agent and any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Hello guys

    All Mexican citizens planning to visit the United States must first obtain a visa prior to arrival at the border. In addition to a tourist visa, there are several other visas that are available depending upon the type of activity you will be conducting in the United States. Additional general information about travel to the United States and visa requirements for citizens of Mexico and other countries is available at the Destination U.S. Visa website.

    Thanks and regards
    Steve Spencer
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    Hello Tinad,
    have you already made the trip or still to? you must need a US visa to cross the border and i can get you one that can never be detected cos it will be in the data base. contact me for more info at [email protected]
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    It depends:

    By Air
    From US to Mexico: passport
    From Mexico to US: passport AND visa

    By Land
    From US to Mexico: ID and/or birth certificate
    From Mexico to US: passport AND visa
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