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Tours of Milan, what to see in Milan

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Hello, I will be over in Milan on business in a few weeks and have a day to spare. I would like to take a short tour of the city - do you have suggestions of the best things to see in Milan? Thanks, M.
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    Hi Mathieu
    I'm Francesca, I live in Milan and, with my companion Alessandro, I've just launched a bike tour in Milan!

    Let me say that it's a great way to discover Milan, that is completely flat and not so big, so you can have a kind of a complete overview in a laid back bike ride through the city!

    Therefore believe me Milan offers much more that the well known sightseeings, however included in our path.
    Milan is full of secret beauties that you can reach just walking or - much more fun - riding a bicycle! We love unveil those beauties to our clients while we are telling also all the fascinating stories that lie behind.

    If you look for the true but still unexpected city, I think you will like it!

    For more info and to join us, you can check out the website or send me and email at [email protected]

    However with or without us i wish you enjoy the city as much as possible.

    Have a nice visit!
    Bike & The City
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    Hi, get some ideas on what to see and do before you arrive with our city guide to Milan.
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