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Working Holiday Visa for Norway

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HELP.... I am currently in the process of applying for a working holiday visa for Norway and am cutting it a bit fine as i leave on the 13th of July, I am having 2 problems with the application,

1) they require a 'health certificate' however they do not state what type or which tests i need to have taken, i cannot make an appointment for the doctor until i have specifics and the Norwegian Embassy keeps referring me back to their website (which DOES NOT have any detailed info apart from the fact that i need a medical certifcate)

2) The form can be used for multiple visas and the only section relating to work asks for employment details/address/wage but i do not have employment lined up as it is a working holiday so i will find work once im there, if i dont fill this section out then there is nothing to state that this is the type of visa i require

So confused, can anyone help me with one or both of these issues?

Thank you


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    Hi Phillipa, I suggest you post your question on our sister site where we have an excellent Norway Expert that will hopefully be able to help you.
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    Hi David, i have been to your site and joined but i cannot work out how to post the question??
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    Click on the "Ask a New Question here" text under the sentence that says "Sign in to join the discussion or ask one of our experts another question." Try that please!
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