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Transportation from De Gaulle airport to city centre?

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I am going to be in Paris for a couple of nights and wondered about transportation from DeGaulle airport to the city centre. I will be by myself and have never been to France so I wondered how hard it is on the train with luggage or would I be better getting a taxi and paying the added expense


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    Getting to Paris from the airport is very easy. You can buy Metro tickets at the station (connected to the airport), or from the Tourist Office near arrivals for slightly cheaper.

    Getting to the Metro from the airport is simple and there are signs posted everywhere. As long as you're comfortable handling your luggage you should have no problem on the Metro, it's designed specifically for this sort of thing!

    It will take you right into the heart of Paris, and from there you can make your way to your hotel. It's probably worth asking your hotel which metro stop is closest to them.

    My first time in Paris, I didn't know anything about the transport system, and didn't speak a word of French, but I had no problem!
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