How would you know if your boyfriend you've met thru internet is for real and not a scammer?



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    He said he is from UK. But I dont think that is real. I think he must be group with the person "WAHIDA AHMAD" and I m not in touch with him anymore.( please see below our last conversation yesterday,I didnt make it last night coz this system not allowed me to post too many comments in a short time.) I had provide those account detail to interpol and IC3 however I still dont get any reply from them. I feel hopeless. I am so angry. I dont understand why they dont arrest them by that account detail.


    I was thinking to let it go and block him coz i dont have the patience anymore. But when I think of they(the scammers group) has got my phone number and they could text me or call me anytime they want.


    Thu, 09/01/2014
    06:59 terry Hi honey.  Good morning to u. I'm going to sleep now. Pls dont forget to send them the payment this morning ok? I miss u so much(blowkiss)(blowkiss)
    07:35 MoMo Ok I will let you know after I sent the payment
    12:17 terry Hi honey.  Good afternoon to u. What re u doing?
    12:18 terry I just woke up now
    13:50 MoMo Did you call me today?
    13:50 terry I didn't call u
    13:51 terry Did u get call from anyone?
    13:51 MoMo No I missed it
    13:51 terry [Sticker]
    13:51 terry What number?
    13:51 terry I didn't call u. Can u tell me the number that called u?
    13:51 MoMo No caller ID
    13:52 terry I see. I didnt call u
    13:52 terry Honey have u sent the payment to them?
    13:52 MoMo No
    13:53 MoMo Im busy this morning
    13:53 MoMo Can wait?
    13:53 terry I see. When re u going to send the payment?
    13:53 terry Tomorrow is the last day (blue)
    13:53 MoMo Why?
    13:54 MoMo Can you call them to extend?
    13:54 terry If the payment is not made by tomorrow. We will have to pay for over stay of extra 500usd
    13:55 MoMo Okay
    13:55 terry If they will extend then we will have to pay 500usd for security keep
    13:55 MoMo That would be fine
    13:56 terry Pls I don't want us to pay more. Pls try to make the payment to them by today or tomorrow pls honey
    13:56 MoMo I cannot
    13:56 MoMo Today I cannot
    13:56 terry What about tomorrow?
    13:57 MoMo Should be ok
    13:57 terry Honey re u sure u can send them the payment tomorrow?
    13:57 MoMo Im not sure
    13:58 MoMo Looks like there problem in their account
    13:58 terry What kind of problem?
    13:58 MoMo Im not sure
    13:58 terry Who told u there's problem in the account?
    13:58 MoMo My friend did that to me
    13:59 terry Honey re u kidding with me now?
    13:59 terry Who's ur friend to tell u if the account is good or not?(baffled)
    13:59 MoMo But im not sure if she did
    13:59 MoMo Or she got the wrong account number
    14:00 MoMo So I might need to go by myself
    14:00 terry U gave ur friend to send the money for u?
    14:01 MoMo Yes
    14:02 terry Ok. U should pls go by urself pls
    14:02 MoMo I might be going today afternoon
    14:03 terry Ok. Pls try ur best pls
    14:03 terry Just take 30mins free time from work pls
    14:04 MoMo I will try
    14:05 terry Thanks honey
    14:08 MoMo No problem!
    14:27 MoMo Yes could you tell that guy not to text me?
    14:32 MoMo Im scared when mxxxxe exxt ppl texting me
    14:37 terry Which guy re u talking about?
    14:37 MoMo The manager
    14:37 MoMo Im so scared
    14:37 terry The manager of the courier?
    14:37 MoMo Could you give me account detail again?
    14:38 MoMo Im at the bank i forgot to bring
    14:38 terry Is he not from mxxxxe exxt ok? He is from UK
    14:38 terry I see. Ok wait
    14:39 MoMo But how abt the person Im sending money to? He must be mxxxxe exxt?
    14:42 terry Honey the account they gave to u is the account of their secretary.  She is the one responsible for every payment that comes into the company
    14:43 MoMo So she is mxxxxe exxt?
    14:45 terry I don't know.  I didn't ask about that to them.  How will I know?  Whats wrong if she is from mxxxxe exxt?(unamused)
    14:46 terry Do u hate people from mxxxxe exxt?
    14:46 MoMoy Of course! Are you mxxxxe exxt?
    14:46 terry Omg. Re u crazy?
    14:46 terry What kind of question is that honey?
    14:47 terry How can I be from mxxxxe exxt?
    14:47 MoMo I dont know. Im scared
    14:47 terry Re u serious right now or just playing with me?
    14:47 MoMo Im not
    14:47 MoMo Im really scared
    14:48 terry I just called mr mark right now and he said the secretary is malaysian ok?
    14:48 terry U dont have to be scared or anything
    14:50 MoMo I really scared of the mxxxxe exxt terrorist
    14:53 terry Honey she is not from mxxxxe exxt and no one is from mxxxxe exxt ok?
    14:55 MoMo So where she originally from?
    14:55 terry I told u she is from malaysia
    14:56 terry This is the account details
    14:59 MoMo Thats is an Arabic name
    15:03 MoMo I just dont know why we are sending them money, the mxxxxe exxt they do nothing good
    15:04 terry Omg. What's wrong with u
    15:04 terry That's a malaysian name
    15:04 terry Her name is wahida
    15:04 terry Surname is ahmad
    15:04 terry Surname is ahmad
    15:04 terry How come u don't know malaysia is a Mxxxxm country?
    15:05 MoMo they are all terrorist
    15:05 MoMo They use our money to do bad thing
    15:11 terry Honey i understand what u mean.  She is not from mxxxxe exxt ok?
    15:11 terry She is a malaysian
    15:11 terry Malaysia is a Mxxxxm country.
    15:11 terry Do u understand?
    15:13 MoMo Arent the terrorists mxxxxm also?
    15:16 terry Honey malaysia is a good country
    15:16 terry Pls if u re going to do this. Pls just do pls
    15:16 terry I'm tired of ur complaining already
    15:17 terry I already told u. There is no terrorist in malaysia.
    15:17 MoMo Are you mad at me?
    15:19 MoMo Im at the bank! Waiting in line again coz I didnt have the account number
    15:30 MoMo You are so closed to have 1230 USD!
    15:31 MoMo Are you crying?
    15:31 terry Honey im not mad. I was just tired
    15:32 MoMo You cant be tired!
    15:33 MoMo Middle east people loves crying
    15:38 MoMo No I mean the "Mxxxxm" sorry
    15:38 MoMo Are Mxxxxm ppl , right?
    15:39 MoMo They are so dirty
    15:40 MoMo Please give me account detail again! I lost it

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    yea, if its too good to be true, it is most likely a scam. Im glad you were smart enough to notice it. I use to do the same thing when i lacked confidence. But that was all in the past after using and gaining the confidence i needed to search for women outside dating sites.
  • hello have meet a gentle and sweet man he says he is from the UK we al write hour each other troght fb after a few weeks he asked me far my adrres an phone number he claims he will send a xmas gift for me, so after some days he write and let me know that he send some yhings for me in a package and that in this package there was 4000$ for me, some days ofter this i get a message from som costumer in Malaysia telling me i have to deposit 600$ for the package have been old in malaysia costum and if i dont deposit that amount of money they would not send the package, so wen i tell him bout it he told me that they thit contact him already but he did have to trouble to Holland for some job and he did not have no money with him, so he told me to get the money and deposit so i can get the package because he send plenty valouble things for me and an envelop whit 4000$, from hear that i knew it was a scamm so i dont deposit no money and they are still caling me for the money so i am so glad i get to this site and ready this stories so i can finally get sure that i was been scamm, the sweet an gentle man name is casper curtis
  • Well done Ketti. most definately a scam.
     Be strong as these people may harass you for the money.Can you change you phone number?
    Good luck and I hope you meet a lovely person who is not a scammer.
  • I have met a guy on line and being talking for months. He has a cell phone from austin Texas and a cell phone from Nigeria. I met him on line when he was in Texas.Works in Nigeria. Have send him money . He has a son in Texas who is ten and he is a single parent. Had fever no money goes on and on. Paid for his food ,flight twice, medicine , transportation.
  • Is he real or I'm I being scam. I love and care for him. His name is Michael Anthony Reeves.
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    Anna, stop immediately sending this man money. Why are you sending money to a man you have never met.?
    Expat workers i.e. Americans, British etc earn very good money in Nigeria, they can have accommodation, healthcare etc included.So ask yourself why would this man need your money.

    Everyone of these scams have the same story the mans wife has died leaving them a single parent who travel abroad to earn money, Then there are a lots of reasons for your internet lothario to need money as you have found out.
    This man does NOT love you he only wants money, his child does not exist and he is probably in his bedroom or in an internet cafe somewhere in West Africa,. 

    GET OUT NOW dont have any contact with this man,change your phone number email address.

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    Thanks for the information .Can yu look on Facebook's and see his picture . I'm the only one to access it and he said he has being hacked. He said he is coming to see me in a week . Also it is hard to get a flight to Canada. His Facebook's account is

  • I gave him 1,500 for his flight to Texas as getting a flight to Canada is to hard. I also send 500.00 for change of flight . Want to know the truth . If he is lying want him stopped . Being talking to him since May 2013. The hard part is I love him deeply .
  • Yesterday he said he needed 150.00 for luggage fees. Or he couldn't get on flight . I send him 50.00. Said he will phone me tonight .The strange thing is if he got on the plane why did he check is Facebook's account at 545pm my time. And if he didn't get on the flight why hasn't he text me. I feel I let him down. Had no more money to give.
  • Need the truth. I can't deal with this stress anymore . I know I'm emotionally involved deep and care for him. Is he on any other sites.
  • He said he can't get his paycheck because he owes Nigeria government taxes but they will let him leave and he only has to paid the flight of 1,500 which I paid. Also had thyroid fever before Christmas which I paid the hospital bill and medication .
  • Promise me no more bills. But always more money.needed. I also paid for a medical certificate so he could get on the plane of 59.00. He said he was washing dishes at a restaurant to help with the bills.
  • Please help me I don't know what to believe anymore .Thanks .
  • Anna, stop. You are being scammed. Any money you give him you might as well throw away.
  • How do I stopped him from hurting or destroy anyone else. Who do I report this too . I know emotionally he has destroy me and financial I'm destroy .
  • Ann45 . Please believe us. You know deep down there is no future with this man he only wants money. Stop sending money and stop communicating with him. Then the stress will go away. 
  • Should I report this to the Nigeria police .What site should I warn other people about him. His name is Mike Reeves. Picture of him is on a horse wearing glasses .Why didn't I see this coming ?
  • I want him to paid for this . Please help me stop him.
  • He is good at what he does a different kind of scam I feel like a fool .
  • Ok here goes, I came across this while looking for some information. I have been in a long distance relationship with an individual across sea. I want to know if it is legit or what. This guy hasnt sent any money or asked for anything in fact He says its against the law to send money out of his country. But anyway We have been in a relationship for 2 and half months. He wants to come over and visit me, But says everyone he has talked to tells him he has no chance of getting a visa to come here. He is from morocco, I have seen his mom, his brother in law and few of his younger siblings by way of skype. I want to believe him he says hes starting to fall for me. And in a way so Am I starting to develop something towards him. We have had some major discussion about life in general, and r views on different religions. But that being said we talked every day for 2 to 3 hours on skype or he calls me from his cell phone. I have told him to take everything on day at a time. And instead of listening to what other people says go an find for himself if he can get his visa to come here or not. He says he went to local office where he lives and talked to someone and they told him he has no chance of getting one. My thing is shouldn't he have went to the embassy which I know happens to be in a different part of the country. Any help would be greatful before I fork out a lot of money on these I-129f forms

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    Dreamer you sound as if your in the USA, In my opinion as a lawyer I believe it would be impossible for a young Moroccan man you have never met (only on line) to be granted a tourist visa.
    Not only that but he needs a good income , a job and evidence he will return to Morocco, not just you and he say he will return.

    In these long distance relationships its usually the partner from the wealthy country eg USA UK etc that travels to Morocco.

    I dont know your circumstances but why would you hook up with a young man who has nothing and lives thousands of miles away.

  • Hi Anna,
    I'm sorry this has happened to you - it is much more common than you probably realise! This is a textbook scam so anybody doing some internet research will read this same story many times over. I wouldn't stress so much about trying to get his name on scamming sites as he can obviously just change it. The important thing is for you to cut all ties immediately. Unfortunately there really is no point reporting him to the Nigerian police.
  • Thanks very much Ella. I agree with you. He text me this morning sweet as can be forgetting how mean he was last night . Promising to be here this weekend for my birthday if I can send the money .
  • Anna Please stop communicating with this man, he has no intention coming to your birthday.Its all lies. I understand its hard but you must breakaway from him. completely. 
  • anna45, Mike Reeves he is a scammer. Photo of him was stolen from a model called Martin at Focus Hawaii, you can see the real person's photos here:

    That same pic on his Facebook profile has been used many times by scammers using different names:

    Please stop sending him money!

  • Hi Blessyou , Thanks for your help and information . How could I be so blind and stupid .I gave him my heart and soul. How can I find out who he really is and punished him and maybe sure no one else goes through this.
  • Anna45, there's no way to know who he really is unless he reveals himself. He is very likely a Nigerian scammer.

    Just google words like romance scam and a lot will appear. Your case is very typical of a romance scam. A man whom you've got to know thru internet/dating website starts falling in love with you and then asks for money.

    Let's face it this way - if a boyfriend whom you've never met starts asking you for money, wouldn't he make you broke and bankrupt when you people really meet?

    Never believe all those "I love you" lies. In the first place, the photo he used looks too commercial to be true. My first impression was "Who's that actor/model?" Doesn't they guy on the pic look like a model/actor to you?

    There are many soldier scams too - scammers pretending to be soldiers deployed to war zones. Pictures are stolen from real soldiers, even dead soldiers.

    Don;t ever be foolish to send anyone any money again

  • Thanks .I look on those site. But he said his email was hack before and had to get a new account .
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    Anna45 , we are all trying to help and advise you. Unfortunately you can not believe anything this man said to you, he does not love you, to him you are only source of money.

    No one hacked his email account he probably has loads of emails all in different names. Have you not noticed most of these scammers use Yahoo emails.

    You do not say how old you are , but you sound incredibly naive and trusting . Not one word this man has said to you is true. Please have nothing more to do with him
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