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How would you know if your boyfriend you've met thru internet is for real and not a scammer?



  • Grow up. Use the common sense that God gave you and stop falling in love with people who don't even exist. You're being played for a fool. Start respecting yourself.

  • Right on Terry  =D>
  • Girls, I am dorry to raise the issue again. You are a blessing for me with this theme in tbe forum. I just got email today from the do called edward call:

    "Hello honey,

    how are you doing. I have a little situation here which i want you to help me sought out now, i went to the Security company this morning to get my box and they told me that i need to get an Insurance clearance from their Tax office and also go the Malaysian High court to get an Oath of affidavit of claims which will certify that my items were legit since i have money and some other important documents inside. The Insurance Tax office informed me to pay them 1,500rm in their local currency while in court i have to pay 860rm to get legal paper from them. Right now am really short of money since i just have 200$ left with me and i need to get this papers so that i can get my box from the Insurance company. Please my love you are the only person who understands my present situation here and i need your help now. If you can borrow me this money to add up and finish i will be grateful my love. I know what you are passing through right now since the accident but i can't hide this development from you. Don't worry i have money inside my box and will refund you once i arrive Bulgaria. I am waiting for your message. I love you."

    Is Interpol doing something against thus? Girls, please, give ne a link for more info...i feel furious
  • I need advice to make him sink in his own scenario...i need hints...he claims to be widower, but imagine-he loves me so much and lost years ...poor his dead wife....sorry... - even told me now not to ask money from a guy who chases me (i told him so)so that i have no hard feelings...better he stays stuck in Malaysia till find a solution to come. ...He pkays it being concern sbout ne if he is innocent? Imagine, he is a newborn christian...strange, he first nentioned it and this i have not shared tbat i am too and a sunday school teacher also.

    Question, last time, the previoys guy knew about it and when i showed him i know what is going on he said i will regret one day about my attitude. Is it pissible they are related? But this one is with normal accent, not african one...

    Girls, i finish here, give me hints and opinion. I dumped them, but need to know what you think.
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    Stomova, honestly, you need to get a grip. Stop being furious and start being smart.

    NO ONE cares about an internet scammer trying to get money from you or anyone else - least of all bloody Interpol. Why should Interpol care about a foolish woman?! The scammer isn't stealing your money, you're GIVING them the money of your own free will. You are the one perpetuating the crime, no one else. Smarten up!

    Please, stop posting about your problem on a travel forum. Stop enabling and supporting this person. Stop all contact with them. Accept the fact that you ignored all common sense and smarts and that you allowed this person to take advantage. The ONLY person at fault here is YOU.

    Time to grow up.

  • You are right. I never sent anything to him. I dumped him. Just needed your opinion.
    Thanks CheersTerry
  • Stomova, why why why are you still in contact with this scammer ?

    This man is no more in in Malaysia than I am.Its more likely that he is sitting in an internet room in Nigeria. He is not a born again Christian . Scammers say what you want to hear. The scammers think it gives them credibility if they say they are religious.

    So here is a hint for you ......STOP BEING STUPID AND STOP ALL CONTACT :-h
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    I am not...he sends mail and i am silent. I dumped him. Was stupud, but thanks to these stories here, now I know. Strange, there are no so many cases here, not very popular in bulgaria is to have these scammer cases
  • Hi girls I'm happy that I found such information here,, I knew from the word go when I started talking to this James sterling on Facebook that there is something that aint right with him, I won't bore u with a whole lot of details, but thanks to my gut feeling that I had to do some check up on him but I couldn't find any info about him on the net so my suspicions remain high till now. On friday he told me he is travelling from Belfast North Ireland to chicago to do business, yesterday he asked if he can do some shopping there for me and my girl child, I said that will be kind of him. In no time he ask me for my home adress and my cell number I gave them to him. He send me a msg 2 hours ago saying he sent the Parcel I will get it tommorr, but my mind was just not at peace thinking to myself that I just gave someone out there my home adress and I started shaking coz I felt like if anything happens I hav made a stupid mistake by giving away my address and I put my child in some kind of danger, I just didn't trust the guy, Thanks to all these comments I now know what is to happen next, I'm sure tommorr I'm gonna reiceve a call that say I must pay for the parcel, I won't even respond I will block him in that moment,
  • Peal98, it is a pity you gave out your details but at least you haven't given him any money yet. I will be very surprised if you don't get a message saying you need to pay to get that parcel. Stop contact with this person immediately and next time trust your instincts!
  • Peal, why in the world would you give a complete stranger personal information. That's nuts.

  • I just had the same type deal done to me.
    I met this girl on a dating site who wanted to use email as a form of communication.
    She always told me I was her king then as the days past into two weeks we grew closer. She made me take quizzes and talked a lot about true love. She told me she lived local. Ok let's meet. Then the fun began. She now wants to be my son's new mommy. We send pics back & forth. I asked her for her Facebook and she told me she does not have one. I reread her quiz about her and she says she is into marketing.ok, well her profile on dating site says she is a nurse. Now she tells me she lives in west Africa Nigeria visiting her granny. Hold on she told me she lives with granny in the states. So I question her on her occupation and were she's from. She got mad and told me bye if I did not care then emailed me that she loves me, wants to marry me and she trust me. So I fell for it and wrote back love to her. Then she writes back that she wants to be here with me for Christmas. She need $500, my address, and the nearest airport to me. I told her I'm broken, but she needs me to send it asap. I did not want to believe it. My 14year relationship fell yo another man and I'm alone and desperate. This lady comes along to save me. I was happy and really wanted to meet her. Ya sure she was forceful with love but that's what I needed. Now I fell into this trap a little. I was not raised like a fool. I been known, just did not want to accept it. I have no choice now. With $500 I can hire someone to talk to. I will not be giving my money away, now I will have to troll her back. Scammers are everywhere. I'm done with dating sites. Time to go back to old school. Date like a real man.
  • John, you went from complete idiot to (hopefully) an okay guy in one post.

    I hope you're smart enough to never again think/believe foolishness like, "... and I'm alone and desperate. This lady comes along to save me. I was happy and really wanted to meet her. Ya sure she was forceful with love but that's what I needed..."


    All the best to you in your future endeavours to find a real person and not a fake entity on the internet.

  • "... But there are some websites with scam protection on it..."

    No, there isn't. And especially not with the websites you're promoting.

    The only guaranteed scam protection is common sense and rational thought - two attributes which judging by this forum are in super short supply.

  • Was also duped by someone who said he was in Scotland for an oil rig tender. He sent me "proof" of the contract that was awarded to him. sent me gifts to my work address, let me speak to his son. Started planning life together when he was done with this contract,etc.. then the requests for money started.. when I started questioning him, communication became less. discovered today that the same pics he had sent me is posted under different names Richard Edgar, Jerry Kolgne, Alberts Maartie, Alan Trimble.. and the list goes on and on...Real sleek..
  • I happened to stumble across this site and because of reading all of these threads I signed up just to comment. First of all, how gullible can u women be? These men are obviously scamming u, no doubt about it. Nobody should be that desperate for love that they would fall for these crazy outrageous stories from these men. First of all just reading what these men have said to u, it's obvious that they have bad grammar and it sounds so ridiculous. I have done online dating at times also just out of boredom, but when someone asks for money that is an immediate red flag! U work too hard for ur money to send it to someone you've never met before. And another thing, anyone who uses terms like "dear" and "honey" are obviously Nigerian and they are known for scams. And to fall for these men after such short periods of time makes absolutely no sense to me. If someone wants to marry u so badly and loves u so much, they will fly themselves to u. Sending gifts and all this nonsense is insane. How about trying to date only local people in ur areas and get from in front of the computer and indulging in these ridiculous fantasies. Don't any of u even watch the show catfish on mtv? If someone won't get on cam with u, won't talk on the phone, won't send pictures of themselves, or asks for money, means they aren't who u think they are and it's a scam. and like others have said, most scam artists claim to be single parents. Also when it seems that someone has nothing but tragedy after tragedy also is a huge red flag! They are trying to pull on ur heart strings and want u to feel sorry for them because nobody's luck is that bad. If u had to post on this forum to get advice means u already know in ur gut that these men are just scam artists. Please keep ur money and cut these men off ASAP and block them and anybody else that asks for money. Anyone who truly loves u would never ask for money if they've never met u and won't beg u for it if u say u don't have it. Please wise up ladies and drop these losers and live in the real world.
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    I got new friend online.
    He said he lives in Ponte Vendra Beach, Florida and when I googled his company, Brilliant structure, I couldn't find it. Is it real?

    We know really new only 5 days. N we sent email each other like this.
    Well. I doubt about his 4th n 5th letter.
    Looks like a dream cometrue.
    Wanna expand business wid really new person who u know.

    so. What do u think about this man?

    After exchanging 5 emails he wants me to run a project.

    The Description:
    I want you to be my partner/project manager in Indonesia and all over Asia
    countries but we are going to start in Indonesia as you are already there
    as my love and wife to be.

    Your duties:
    You will be in charge to register our company name in your country
    (Indonesia) which is the first thing.
    You will look for a land where we will site/build our company. We need up
    to 300 plots of land.
    You will be in charge to employ workers/staff of the company.
    You will be attending conference meetings on behalf of the company.
    You will be in charge of making payments to the workers in the site and
    other finance issues in your country. E.t.c
    The first thing you will do now is to send a business plan, which will
    contend cost for buying a land, cost for your personal expenses for
    running around, cost for registering the company name.
    Your will quit your current job; because as soon as we start this project
    you will not have much time for yourself talk more of doing another job.
    Please, keep this project only to yourself until we have finished
    everything. You have to promise me that will not discuss this with any of
    your sisters, brothers or friends.
    Your will promise me that you will not run away with my money once is paid
    in your account. And promise that you will use the money/funds to do what
    you were asked to do with it.
    What you will get:
    Your salary will be $10,000 a month with official car and accommodation.
    My love, I want you to check very well and get back to me so that I will
    instruct you on the next thing to do.
  • hello maam very glad of discovering this site. Im amazed of the advises and the information you have shared to those who want to solicit help. Im starting to be scared now on this online relationship. I am a Filipina, 57 age, and, has a seemingly serious relationship with a 20 years younger than me as he is 38. We talk, FB, YM in webcam or not.. He is an East African..i love him as he met my taste being a very respectful person, religious and above all value me and my feelings. We are here for almost a year and i didnt also observe he is asking anything..and we plan to meet..only that by the experiences ive read in your now on second thought...can you please tell me if there is good to happen in the future for us?... It seems im stress now... con o

  • @Diamondpearl dont be an idiot, of course its not true this person is a scammer.
  • @conniebeng how can you have a serious relationship with a man you have never physically met? Do you have money? Where will you meet and who is paying the costs of the air ticket? In African culture children are very important does this man have children from a previous relationship?
    In western culture there are many relationships with large age gaps, but only by meeting this man in person can you know his true self.
  • Good day everyone
    Have u perhaps heard of a Frank Scott from the UK on fb?
  • Hi
    Recently I came across with a scammer in social media site. I meat him on FB. He sent me friend request first and I I accepted. He Said he is an Engineer, Lives in Bristol UK. Name Jack William, Contact Number +447709176694. We started chatting via whats app and Like other scammer he proposed me and wanted to send gifts to me which I declined to take. Then he said, he is so much in love with me that in spite of saying me no, he has already send the gift and has put 20,000 pound as well insight that. Post that I got a call from +91 8588948425 and asked me to clear the custom duty of Rs. 28,500 INR and they asked me to transfer the money to Bank of India Name- MD Basir Ali, AC- 504210310008812 ( When I asked them to send their company details as money cannot be send to someone's personal account, they just refused to do so) . Even when I told Jack about this he was insisting me to pay.
    Post this incident I immediately blocked Jack from FB and What's App.

    This has become very common practice now. My request, to all the girls ,is to be very careful when you are at social media.
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  • I read stories of scammers and I'm afraid that the man I've been chatting now is a scammer. He is a navy marine based on Poland. And was assigned now and got contract in Africa. He said he loves me and he wanted to visit me in my country. Before his flight to Africa he said he bought something to me.. teddy bear, latest apple laptop, gold wrist watch and necklace, latest android mobile and ipad. Together with $100,000 for me to buy a new house for us to live in when he is on my country and said that he will going to send it when he is on africa.
  • Then he send me email that he already sent the package in a courier CEDAR EXPRESS COMPANY. And told me that the money he put inside the teddy bear. He even sent me the transactions receipt and after 48 hrs the package will be here on mu country... but until now. The package not yet arrive. He even called the company and follow up why the package not yet arrive and why I havent receive any information about the package
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    Last night I reminded him my situation in life as what I have told him the first time we talked on chat. That I am a singlemom with my parents under my support. Let him understand that he cant take any money from me Because I have nothing. He said He is not a scammer. That he loves me. I expected that this morning he will not talk to me if he is really a scammer. But he does. I like to think that he is not a scammer but what happening to us now was same stories like others.
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  • Please people be advised. Scammers from Malaysia are men from nigerian. They just use fake accents and then say they are European men on holiday or working in Malaysia.

    PLEASE DON'T BE FOOLED BY MEN WRITING YOU POEMS AND SONGS telling you how you are special. These men have made scamming their career, they have built portfolios. They can even claim they work for Malaysia cid and pose for photo with police men and when you tell them they are Scammers they send you the police men photos and ask you how they can be scammer yet working with police.....BE WARNED..... they are only after your money.

    And they will take their sweet time to gain your trust, always assuring you and making you smile.....fattening you and then feasting on YOUR HARD EARNED cash. If you fall for the trap, you will cry alone. But I have warned you. Use your brain women.....why would you send CASH to someone you have never seen, while you walk on the streets and pass beggars without giving them even a dime???? Question yourself....

    These men have brainwashed you, they are taking advantage of your fragile emotions, singing you sweet poetic songs of how you are THE ONE!!!! Women wake up and smell the coffee.

    Anytime you come across a european"""working/on holiday/visiting"""" MALAYSIA just know you are dealing with a NIGERIAN scammer!!!! Don't wonder about the accents....these are people who have worked in the scamming industry for YEARS. They have EXCEPTIONAL TALENT in scamming.

    WOMEN, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED..... If you really feel philanthropic, give your money to charity, or help the poor family in your town but don't send money to someone you have NEVER MET.....just because you video chatted on skype or wherever!!!!

    Am an African woman and I know what am talking about.
  • I think someone has just tried this with me. For a few weeks I've been chatting with this man who told me he's a combat engineer in the military and he's currently in Syria ( why do a lot of them claim to be engineers?) Anyway he said he was half Polish so that explained the accent. So for the last 7 weeks we've been talking and now he's suddenly told me he loves me on the same day he found out he was coming home, how he wants me to meet him at the airport..can't wait for us to be together etc. Then came the catch.....I had been waiting for this, I've not let myself ge emotionally involved because I always suspected something would be asked of me...
    Him....Well, there is something i will like to tell you, which really makes me uncomfortable and even insecure here now in Syria..You already know Syria is a very difficult dangerous and hard to be, so i don't want to lose my life, because i need you so much and can't do without you... I really love you and just i can't afford to lose you as well....Well, why i feel unsafe and insecure here is that, there was package given to me here in Syria by the SYRIAN (President )sometime ago..And it was Due to my hard work and as well my years Military staying here in (Damascus Syria) so i was rewarded with the package..It was given to me on this date( 18 April 2016),I told my self not to tell you this, But i don't feel unsafe and insecure anymore ,because of the Syrian's ..I have had enough keeping it my self , but no more feel safe with it..what i have in this Package mean so much to me and don't want to lose that to any stupid Taliban. i have worked so hard for this my darling....The package is contained inside ( Medals, Precious stones worth over $120, 000.00 USD, my documents, Old Uniforms and other personal stuffs ),which has all been packed in the package...Because i have no Family or Friend to keep mine safe for me , it was left behind by myself to be kept here in my tent, just to be safe with it ,But no more feels comfortable with it. especially now that i will be going on this late mission .
    I told him to post it home to himself as he supposedly has a caretaker there looking after his dog.
    He replied...How do you expect me to send this to a common care taker who takes care of my dog.i don't have any relationship with him, he's juts a care taker my darling..I just wish i could but that's not possible for me..Carol, because of the LOVE and the TRUST that i have for you ,I will like you to do me a favor by keeping on you the package for sometime until i will be back to be with you after this late mission...
    I just told him straight...sorry I can't.
    He replied..Oh really? but why cant you my darling. i really need your help in this Carol. pls..Everything about the package is Legal and Alright without any term of drugs or any bad thing to cost you harm over there ..I don't want to be killed because of the package with me.

    I then said I had been waiting for him to come up with some scam and there it was. So ladies....beware of Kennedy Hudson. Says he's from England and has been widowed for 6 years. Yeah right!! Luckily I've been aware of scams like this so wouldn't fall for it, I just went along with all he's been saying the last few weeks just out of interest to see which scam it was.
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