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Newly Qualified teacher working in Kuwait

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I am moving to Kuwait in august to teach in a primary school, I am newly qualified and I am very nervous about the whole experience do you think there will be support in the school, seeing as this is my first teaching post?


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    June 11Th,2011.

    Dear Mr. Roselee
    You are lucky to gain a new experience teaching in Kuwait.
    Do not discuss any politics of any country - Rule no one
    Tourism is what uniting cultures and people in our modern world.
    Learning and understanding other cultures - Brings people together.
    Teach the future generation to accept the other, the indefferent,
    and you will help to build bridge to peace.

    Good Luck
    Amnon Betsser
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    you will do just fine ,,,, dont worry also dont be afraid think of kuwait as your own country and do whatever you want to do ... and please ignore the ignorant guys in the street looool

    talk about anything who cares its your own thoughts no one can judge you by what your thinkin of .... im a kuwaiti guy and i assure you .. you will do great just have faith in yourself and do whatever you want dont be afraid

    just have yourself some good friends and you'll do great
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