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Hisaronu in the Dalaman region of Turkey

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I am going on holiday to Hisaronu in the Dalaman region of Turkey. I understand it is better to take a few hundred Turkish Lira and the rest in British sterling. Being disabled and not wanting to go to far afield does anyone know if their is a local shop or bank where I could change my sterling when needed.


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    A lot of places excepting the small shops will accept sterling at a favourable rate. I personally do not know Hisaranou all that well but am sure there will be places to exchange. Quite often the shops selling excursions offer an exchange service. I have heard though that the exchange office in the centre of Hisaranou near the Naked Chef restaurant and opposite the local mosue is not a good place. People have been shortchanged there. One recommended place is a small jewellers below the Bee's Knees restaurant. Also a jewellers called Ozgold is recommended.

    Where ever you exchange always exchange a round figure e.g.£100 so you can easily work out how much you should get or take a small calculator with you and tell them what you get! Hotels tend to offer a very low rate and travellers cheques quite frankly can be a nightmare to exchange!
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    Thank you very much. Went to Lara Beach two years ago, was very lucky as there was an exchange centre across the road from the Concorde Hotel where we were staying. Your comments are much appreciated. Thank you once again.
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    Hope you have a lovely time :o)
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    Hi Clarecg

    I have been reading your threads, and now have a lot more information than a few hours ago. I too am staying in an apartment in Hisaronou. we are a group of 4 and are looking to shop - looking for real fakes and we are planning to visit local places, are you able to advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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