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Travelling with a Criminal Record

edited May 2011 in - Tunisia
Hi I am from Canada. I want to travel to Tunisia next month (July 2011) but I have a criminal Record. It has been 8 years now, but I do not have a pardon. I have checked flights from here to Tunisia, and I would have to stop in Germany or Paris to change flights.

I have not yet received my passport, but I am awaiting it's arrival...will I be able to enter Tunisia or the stop over in Germany with a Criminal Record???

Please Help so I can start making arrangements. Thank You. Hope u all have a wonderful day!!!


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    I don't know the answer, although since you don't need a visa it seems very unlikely you will have problems. I suggest you contact one of these Tunisian immigration lawyers:
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    Charouzza, you will not have a problem transitting in either Germany or Paris. Like everything else now, everything is computerised including criminal records, however, there is no question on the landing card that must be completed on arrival, asking anything in regard to criminal records. however, I suggest that you look on the Embassy of Tunisia website to see what it says. It may of course be dependant on the severity of the crime.
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    Charouzza, am sure you will not have a problem at the passport check , and your criminal record will not be as bad as George W Bush's and he managed to visit the country :) .
    Lesley am so grateful to the great job you doing for the tunisian tourism . Thank you .
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    Thank You everyone!!! @Bobsader lol about the George Bush Comment! That was a good one. :) I didn't think there would be a problem and I did take your advice Lesley and tried to contact the embasssy but there was no reply to my questions as of yet. So I am still going to plan for my month long trip to beautiful Tunisia! :) It will be my first time going there, and my first time travelling alone....but I'm looking forward to it. My Long Distance Boyfriend of 16 months and my Tunisian Family (well, his family but they are mine now lol) , are all waiting for me!!! :) It's going to be a trip of a lifetime! :)

    Thanks Again David, Lesley and Bob!!! I really appreciate your time and help for replying to my question. Tunisia here I come!!! lol :) Hope u all had a wonderful weekend! Take Care :)
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    Am sure your long distance boyfriend will soon be a very short distance love of your life, Am tunisian , i went to Alberta and i found poeple really nice and worm there, hope you will find tunisians as good . And if there is a wedding i want to be invited . :)
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    Hey bob ... there definitely will be a wedding I'm sure of it!!! I will definitely let u know and u will definitely be invited!!! I LOVE TUNISIA!!! :) I have spoken to alot of people from there and I fell in love with their personalities. So warm and inviting just like us canadians! lol It's just not fair that Tunisia and Canada are so far apart ... We should be so much closer!!! lol :) I hope u had a wonderful weekend and an amazing week ahead!!! :) Take Care
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    Charouzza - you should be very, very careful with the Tunisian males please!!! Mostly they are looking for a visa. Please look after your passport and your money!!! Bobsaber LOL!!!! Are you twensa?
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    ok Lesley!!! I completely understand what you are saying!!! :) No worries, I have already made all my arrangements of what to do with my passport and money!!! :)
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