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Shots needed for Zambia

edited June 2011 in - Southern Africa
does anyone know if a yellow fever shot is required for Zambia?


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    The vaccination is not required for Zambia. It is required by the South African authorities for travelers who have come from Zambia. So if you have been in Zambia and are then traveling back out through South Africa you will need a valid YF certificate. Hope that makes sense. This look like it will be effective from the 1st July 2011, but this is still not 100% clear, but rather be on the safe side.
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    Thanks vicfallsguide. Can you tell me if there are there any other vaccinations you would recommend for Zambia? Is a malaria prophylactic needed?
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    As far as I am aware NO other vaccinations are required for entry into Zambia. A Malaria prophylactic is definitely recommended for some areas, like Livingstone by the Victoria Falls, is a high risk malaria zone. But it does depend on where in Zambia you are traveling. The time of year also makes a big difference, less mozzies in the dry and winter months.
    Here is a bit more in depth info on malaria -
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