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Fake alcohol - Warning

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Not wishing to create unnecessary alarm and panic but would like to warn people heading to Turkey of a scam that has been uncovered in the Turkish resorts around Bodrum.

The news here has reported that three Russian tourists have died after drinking fake Raki on a gulet cruise around the Bodrum peninsula.

If you are going to drink Raki buy it by the bottle rather than the glass - there are small bottles available. To check that your bottle is real the seal around the top should not be broken and have a serial number on it. The liquid should be perfectly clear and ask for a receipt! They won't give you a receipt if the bottle's fake.

The Polis have moved very swiftly on this and located and raided illegal rebottling factories.
Link to an English language newspaper reporting this

Also check so called imported spirits - often bars will put "local" spirits in a well known branded bottle - OK this won't kill you but unless you are really fussy about your brand don't pay the extra and drink the local stuff! Bring your favourite tipple from duty free and enjoy a sundowner or 2 or 3 or...... on your balcony before heading out for the evening. Actually the local spirits are fine if mixed with a decent mixer or maybe I've just become accustomed! I do always but Schwepps Tonic for my gin.

If you are at all suspicious don't hesitate to report the bar/restaurant/hotel to either the Zabita or local polis.

Please though don't panic but if something seems iffy don't be afraid to check it out and I do seem to remember similar goings on in other parts of the world previously.


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    Thanks for the warning Clare.
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    Just to update. The Hurriet Daily News reports that sadly another of this party has died in hospital from the effects of this fake drink. Her life support was turned off last week after the fight to counteract the toxic effects of Methylene failed.

    Don't want to panic people but please be aware.

    Incidentally my brother in law and I shared a bottle of Raki the other night and are still here!! Just be careful if ordering Raki. Always buy the bottle and if the seal is broken refuse it.
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    More bootlegged alcohol has been uncovered here. This time whiskey.

    Please just be careful where you drink and if in doubt don't!!!
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    As we had not even heard of this scam we were all unaware of the problem, my brother died while out in turkey this year. these forums are good if you know what your looking for but with some thing that is killing tourists the travel companies obviously know of this and should inform people of the dangers !! it might seem bad for the turkish tourist industry but so is poisoning the customers!
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