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Marmaris - when do bars and nightclubs close?

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I have heard a lot of great things about Marmaris as a holiday destination. Mostly that the people are really friendly, nice shops and fun bars if you're up for a good time. I was recently told there is a new law that means all outside bars must turn their music off around midnight due to the new law. Is this true and does it effect nightclubs as well?


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    Hmmmm well according to the law things should be shut down at midnight but ...... This is Turkey and most Turks see new laws as a polite request. They'll adopt what they want to and ignore the rest. I don't know what is happening in Marmaris this year or a lot of the other resorts BUT there does seem to be a bit of a get out clause if the place is registered as a club (not a night club) for instance the Irish Bar here gets away with later music as it declares itself a centre of irish culture......

    Also it depends which political party or group "control" each region. All a bit complicated!! Hotels though are exempt as it seems the government wants to "hide" the debauched beahviur away form the locals (tongue very definitely in cheek here) So if a club is at all attached to a hotel it will be open late.

    I did go into the city centre last year in the first week of September and a lot of places were quiet - they'd turned the music off. Lots of the owners and those in nearby cafes, shops etc really weren't happy about it so it remains to be seen how many adhere to this law.

    As it's general election time lots of things are changing at the moment so i guess it's really a case of watch this space.

    Sorry I can't be more definite on this.
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