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Weather in the Maldives

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When is the best time to visit the Maldives in terms of weather. I guess it is a tropical climate so nearly the same year-round, buy when is the perfect time, with moderate temperature (not insanely hot),no rain, wind or risk of hurricanes or similar?


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    The 'dry season' in the Maldives runs from December to April, so if you want to avoid monsoon rain, I'd go then. However, it is ALWAYS hot (and regularly humid) in the Maldives: this might be something you just need to take on the chin. For the best compromise between dryness, sunshine hours, and manageable daytime temperature (approx. 30 degrees celsius), I'd say mid-January to the end of February is a good window to aim for.
  • The weather in The Maldives exactly what you expect from your tropical paradise. Pleasant temperatures all year round, two main weather conditions in the Maldives; the dry season (between end of October until end of March), brought about by the northeast winter monsoon, and the rainy season (between end of April and end of October), caused by the southwest summer monsoon.
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