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Passport validity

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Hi guys, i plan to travel for one week near the end of July '11 and my irish passport expires 2nd week in August. Does anyone know if it's ok to travel this close to my passport expiry or if there is a limit on how close to expiry you can travel??? Thanks :)


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    Hello! Where are you intending on travelling to at the end of July? Some countries will insist that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond the date of your estimated departure from the country you are visiting; while others will only insist that your passport is valid for the time that you are in the country (i.e. your passport, expiring in August, will be acceptable).

    If you let me know where you are intending on going, I can provide you with a more specific answer.

    It is also ALWAYS a good idea to call the embassy of the country to which you intend on going, to double-check the requirements for passport validity.
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    I havent yet booked the holiday but it'll either be within the EU or to the Dominican Republic....

    Thanks for your help.
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    PLEASE check with the embassy to confirm this, but judging from my research, you should be fine if travelling within the EU or to the Dominican Republic.

    The latest information for destinations such as France, Germany, Spain, etc. is that passports must either be valid upon arrival, or valid for the period of intended stay (both of which are requirements you will fulfill); while the Dominican Republic requires that your passport is valid upon arrival.
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    That's brilliant David, thanks for that. I'll confirm this with the embassy.
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