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Native dishes of Ho Chi Minh City

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Hello guys, can you please suggest a few genuine Ho Chi Minh City dishes. I am interested in Ho Chi Minh City street food, main courses, desserts, drinks, etc.


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    One thing you HAVE to try while in Vietnam is Pho. Pho is basically a noodle soup, usually chicken- or beef-based, and is usually garnished with basil, lime and bean sprouts. The noodles are made from rice. Other stuff to look our for is coconut-steamed prawns and fried carrot cake. As far as drinking goes, fresly-squeezed fruit juice is a popular choice.
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    Don't miss beer hoi, which is cheap, mild and refreshing local draft beer served in many local joints around the city. Avoid a dish called Trung Vit Long - boiled fertilised duck eggs - unless you relish the idea of eating a feathered chick that was probably a week from hatching.
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    I would suggest that you try food at 54 Dinh Tien Hoang, District 1. They have a good selection.

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