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Do Cruise Passengers Need Tourist/Transit Visas?



  • hi im a Philippine passport holder
    and I have a boyfriend who is working in a cruise ship
    and he is inviting me to cruise while he is onboard.
    may I ask what type of visa should I apply if the ship's main port is in Southampton England. the itinerary of the ship is in western Europe.
  • I can't find any information on visa requirements for cruise passengers visiting St Lucia and Antigua islands. I have contacted the UK embassy for information (no visa issues answered!). The cruise line hasn't been any help either. I am a Colombian National. Please, please or reffer to experts!
  • Hi, crusing to Caribbean - St Kitts - St Thomas - Hiati - Peurto Rico and then disembarking in Florida for 3 days before taking a flight back to London. Will we need to get visas ?
  • We are Canadians cruising from Singapore to Hong Kong. It appears that the only stop we need visas for is Vietnam, but the ship stops at 3 different ports in Vietnam. Do we need single entry visas or multiple entry visas?
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