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Schengen Visa and Missing Biometric Residence Permit

edited June 2011 in Visa and Passport
Hi Folks - how about this scenario.

Chinese citizen, studying in the UK, has obtained a Swiss Schengen Visa for a trip to Spain, Switzerland and Italy and is due to travel in 10 days.

Her British Residence Permit is one of the separate cards rather than contained within the passport, and has been lost and cancelled.

Will she require a proof of her right to stay in / return to Britain? In particular I wonder will she need it in order to:

1) Leave the UK
2) Enter Spain from the UK
3) Enter Switzerland from Spain
4) Enter Italy from Switzerland
5) Fly within Italy

I am aware that she will need it to return to the UK! However, how would you be able to return to the UK? If she goes to the British embassy in e.g. Rome will they place a sticker in her passport or will she need to apply for a single entry UK visa? Will she be able to get back to the UK? Advice from UKBA is to contact them if you lose card abroad - but she won't be able to do that on the basis that she has already lost it, reported it and had it cancelled.

Any thoughts? Should she travel? Should she stay in the UK and give it up?
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