Indian passport query - travel to Spain

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Just wondering if anyone could help me out here.

I am accompanying a group of students on a language trip to Spain from the UK. However one of the students has an Indian passport. We have already applied for a visa waiver (British Council List of Travellers) but this is the situation - her passport expires less than three months after we return to the UK from Spain. I have emailed the Indian embassy and they recommend at least three months on the passport for entry to Schengen countries but have not mentioned what to do when re-entering the UK. Have not been able to get hold of Spanish embassy but spoke to Foreign Office on the phone who said she should be able to re-enter the UK. However, I received an email (that I had sent to the Foreign Office before phoning them) after the phone call from the Foeign Office saying I would have to contact Spanish embassy - am very confused!
Can she go to Spain and re-enter the UK with her current passport?
Big thanks in advance!


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    If your student has a residence permit for the UK, she should have no problem re-entering the country. Any issue is more likely to come when entering Spain, so it is best to get in touch with the Spanish embassy if possible.

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