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Tour Operatores for Trips to Russia

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Hello! I was wondering if anybody knows any tour operators for travailing to Russia, to Moscow particularly?
I will be very-very grateful if anybody can help!



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    Dear Anastasia,

    I can reccomend you tour operator company True Russia, they have very interesting tours to Russia and lot of unique excursions around Moscow.
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    Up %)
    did anyone book tours from aventura travel agency? i liked the price but waana hear more..
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    Which company are u talking about? There several companies with the name Aventura. If it is cruise company with web site
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    try to contact a non-commercial company
    for Tour Moscow

    It will be better if your tour is guided by the locals.
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    hello! :)

    i'm on a budget trip going to Russia.... whta can you suggest for me? i want to see Moscow and St. Petersburg. :) please help me.
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