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How to get from Tanzania to Kenya

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I will join a Safari in October which starts in Nairobi and ends in Dar Es Salaam. I have 2 1/2 days between the end of the Safari and my flight back from Nairobi. I would be really happy for tips how to get fast and cheap from Dar Es Salaam to Kenya and maybe see something nice on the way.
I checked for flights, but that is around 300 to 500 Dollar. I thought about a taxi, somebody did it before by taxi? What about a train or bus?
Thanks in advance for tips.

Best regards,



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    Hi Eva,

    The freight is the quickest mode of travel but you can use a taxi if you need to do abit of viewing on the way.
    Contact me anna on [email protected] for more details.

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    Hi Eva,kindly advice your excact dates and we will check a flight cheaper than usd300.
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    Hello Eva, instead of you contact some travel agents from your home country, I advise you to do this while you were in Kenya,
    Cos travel from Kenya to Tanzania is really cheap and fast and safe enough. even through taxi, if you prefer flight, it would be around 250-300. and you can decide it when you are in Kenya, by using your safari operators or guide.
    That will be the best reliable source i can advise you.
    If you contact from now to any tour operator, they will charge you their own commission too, thats why.
    Even if you have anymore to know, ask me here. [email protected]
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    i did a nairobi to dar es salaam routing earlier this month. i booked my tickets with a tanzanian online travel agency

    i had a look at several websites and visited airline offices, travel agents but found out travelstart to be the cheapest. ofcourse the airfares have dropped now since there is alot of competition on flights kenya-tanzania. i absolutely loved tanzania and wish i can go back sooner.
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    Hey I am going to visit Kenya and I contacted travel agent They told me that they will manage all of the things of the trip to Tanzania etc . I do not need to be worry that is why they said. But I dont know the quality which will they offer. Someone told me they they have good reputation but anyhow had any experience with them?
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    Kenya Airways offer regular flights between Nairobi and Dar es Salaam...
    Visit for destination advice
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    The easiest way will be to fly between the capitals (Nairobi and Dodoma) then go onward to Arusha by bus or train...
  • We can help you to travel to Kenya and sure you experience every worth of your money and i will make plan for the Kenya in next month..
  • Hi Eva, there are different ways from  dar es salaam to nairobi, you can take plane  arround 280 usd from dar. but if you have time an you want to see the landscape there are bus direct from dar es salaam to nairobi which will take you almost all day. but also there there are shuttle bus from Arusha which coast you 20 usd and they will drop you to the hotels around Nairobi. take care of you.
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