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Prime Time Shuttle of Shuttle2LAX

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I will be flying out of LAX next week and I need a ride from Pasadena, I've narrowed it down to or The difference is shuttle2LAX is cheaper but the shuttle picks up other passengers on the way. What should I choice does anyone have any experience?


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    Actuall both of them pick up passengers on the way. Shuttle2LAX resells empty seats on other shuttle companies shuttles. So with them you might end up on a Prime Time shuttle either way.
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    I have used Shuttle2LAX twice and both times I had good experiences. Also both times I was assigned to Prime Time Shuttle. I don't think you can use that to say that you will definitely get Prime Time if you book through Shuttle2LAX, because maybe it is based on where I live, or maybe it was just the luck of the draw.

    I would say go with because it is going to be cheaper that way. And whether or not you get Prime Time probably doesn't matter. I am sure that Shuttle2LAX is not going to contract with some shady service, because that would just make them look bad and hurt their business.
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    I normally recommend people to skip using an airport shuttle. Not only do they take forever but 1 out of 3 times they wont pick you up and you will end up calling a cab anyways. I normally travel via car service, its a lot cheaper than booking an airport taxi. I recommend using this website to find car service in LAX:
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