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Travel in Cyprus north and south

Is it possible to take day trips over the border of Southern and northern Cyprus? what are the restrictions? Are they actually different countries and do I need a separate visa for northern cyprus? I'm going to spend a week in Paphos and I wanted to see parts of northern cyprus as well, but how complicated is it to do taht?


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    hey i would like to add there is no public transport ie public bus connecting Paphos directly with Kyrenia, otherwise known as Girne, in Northern Cyprus.You would have to take a bus from Paphos to Nicosia, cross the border on foot then take a taxi on the Northern side to Kyrenia. I'm not sure if there is a public bus service on the Northern side but you would be able to find out at the border.
    If you are planning to cross the border, there are several crossings, mainly in the Nicosia area.
    hope u have a safe trip..
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    Once you cross the border to Northern Nicosia, ask for Dolmush cabs/minibuses that go from Nicosia to Kyrenia city centre every 15/30 mins and back until the evening. You can also take Itimat shared minibuses from northern Nicosia to Famagusta (36 miles that takes about 40 mins one way).
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    Northern cyprus is the beautiful place to visit......I already visit this place with my friends....
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