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1st time ever - going to marmaris for a week - advice

edited June 2011 in - Turkey
I am taking my 1st holiday staying at Han Palace in Marmaris 22nd June 2011 just 7 days.
i am looking for any advice that may help/make my trip less scary & worrying>>>

I want to do a few excursions mud bath, aqua park where is the best place to book them?
I will be taking cash, is it better to have sterling? (where is best to change?)
Has anyone stayed at this hotel & know if they have room safes?
Can u name any good bars/clubs near to the hotel?
Where are the good cheap places to buy clothes?
What days are the markets on?
I would like to try jetskiing where is a reccomended place/company to try this?

This trip is a birthday pressie for my & my niece (both aged 33), & for us this will be a once in a lifetime (without taking our kids) so we would really appreciate any help advice & reccomendations from u guys to make this a trip to remember

I thank u all in advance for your time & effort :)


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    I would suggest changing about £100 each into lira before travelling then exchanging the rest as you need it. If you take GBP be sure to have a safe at your hotel. Also a good place to keep your return tickets and passport as it saves the end of holiday scramble to find them in that safe place!!!

    Marmaris is quite a busy resort - there are lots of bars with entertainment etc.

    Always buy any excursions from the local tour guys rather than your travel rep. Trips often work out more than half price! The travel reps may try to tell you that you are not insured. As long as it isn't a "dangerous" sports trip your travel insurance covers you.

    When you exchange money do it in round amounts e/g £100 so you are sure you are getting the best deal advertised by the exchange office etc. if yo are buying maybe make yourself a purse sized ready reckoner so you can be sure you are getting the best deal. Most places are scrupulously honest but always better to be forewarned!!!!

    Have a great time :o)

    Sorry cannot help out with local bars etc as it's over 10 years since I last stayed in Marmaris as a tourist!!!
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    hi , 1st time going to marmaris end of july, if i use the atm in turkey is it sterling or lira it dispenses? or would i be best to take sterling with me, thanks in advance

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    Hi Paul

    All ATMs dispense Lira, some offer a choice of Euro and Sterling as well. In my experience it tends to only be higher denomination sterling notes in the machines (£50 notes). Depends on the bank and often what has been taken that day!

    As said before take about £100-200 in lira from the UK. Then take the rest in GBP - you can use the ATMs then if needed. If you do take cash then have a safe at your hotel that way you know where your money is and a handy place for passports, return tickets etc.
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