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Looking for a private guide that will help me in Manila for about 2 weeks

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I'm 18 and looking to travel to the Philippines to see my girlfriend. My problem is that my mother doesn't feel safe about me going to a foreign country on my own for he first time and won't let me go unless I have some sort of a private guide that she can trust; in other words, a professional. I'm not sure if a travel agency would know where to find one (I'm in Australia) specifically in manila but I'll try that later.

For now I'm just looking for some advice as to how I found a guide that will help me out (show me around/take me or tell me how to get to where I want to go) for about 2 weeks. Help would be appreciated!


  • edited 11:33AM cindy from planning to go to makati city for my visa interview..can you help me have someone to tour around since im not familiar with the place..i will be staying in makati for about 3 days..
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    Its very easy to get guides in Philippines if you are willing to pay. You will be flooded with offers and you may forget your GF.
    All the best.
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    This is in response to "lookinforhelp" - your mothe ris right. I grew up in Manila but I have been living in USA most of my life. The only advise I would give is that you can not trust anyone even a TRAVEL AGENT. I am speaking in general. These days it would be hard to find someone whom you can trust and who will not after of your money. If you come accross to people with a mentality of "HE IS FOREIGNER" the first thing come in their mind is that you GOT money - :o) It's a shame & funny but it's true. I don't even trust anyone in my own country. Please be very careful & don't be naive. If you go, let them know and make it clear upfront that you are NOT paying for everyrthing because they WILL expect you too and most important thing is act as if you know how it works. Goodluck!!!
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    While I agree that great care should be taken when travelling alone at 18, I seriously doubt it's true that there is no one trustworthy in the entire Philippines. Talk to a travel agent in your area that has experience with the country, and they will most likely be able to recommend a tour guide.
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    I live here in manila particularly in LAS PINAS..i am very much interested to show anyone around and willing to help...i always have my free time since i am a single mother who is staying at home for a small business...feel free to contact me at +63 908 455 0379...nothint to worry about the fee coz its not an issue...i just hope that you will charge the transportation wherever we will go to look for that u need...thanx
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    HI there im a Filipino and im willing to help your problen,there's a lot of hotel here to whom you can stay for 2 weeks......and i assure you that you might not in danger feel free to be your guide......hope to hear from you soon...........any here's my number +639357545441
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