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Hi i have booked a holiday for July 10th - advice?

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I have booked to stay at the Ramada Liberty Resort with my girlfriend on July 10th. Does anyone have confirmation that it is ok to share a room here? We are both British nationals. I am having trouble contacting the hotel at this time as I booked through fleetway travel (I am going to phone them soon also).

Secondly, I will be in the Skanes area. What are some recommended activities to get involved in? We like some fun/thrills so other than water sports, is there anything else we could look out for? And what kind of prices should we expect to pay for things like that in mid-july?

We like to party and although we want to relax a lot on this holiday, we also enjoy having a few alcoholic drinks with meals and to have a good time. Is getting a bit drunk frowned upon within the tourist resorts/hotels or is everyone relaxed about it? We won't be drinking until we pass out or anything but it would be good to know whether we would be offending people by drinking alcohol at the wrong place/time or too excessively.

Finally, how much money would you recommend? This is a cheap holiday for us and we are all inclusive so plan on saving a lot of money by eating and drinking at the resort. I've read that you can get better value for money by paying in euros. Would it be a good idea to convert some UK money to euros before going then getting some dinar once we are there?

I'm doing as much research as I can right now but answers to these types of questions are quite hard to find so thanks for any help.



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    I've been in touch with Fleetway Travel and was told that they have been sending people to this hotel for a long time and have never heard of any complications regarding unmarried couples sharing a room together. That's boosted my confidence although it was a bit weird that the man I spoke to on the phone didn't seem very aware of the possibility of complications in Tunisia. I hope he wasn't new :p
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    MrB - there is not a problem with two foreigners sharing a hotel room here. We are used to seeing drunk foreigners and yes it is frowned on! Don't get drunk outside the hotel and all will be fine. Get out and see a bit of Tunisia as Skanes is a bit boring tbh. You can take the louages which are a good cheap method of transport
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