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Egypt? Safe for September?

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Hello! I am going on a trip to Israel (with a group) at the end of august to september and because I am going on this trip, I would love to take a 5-6 day trip to Egypt afterwards. I have been researching and I have found so many sites saying it's not safe and then equally found the same amount saying that it is safe. I don't know what to believe. Just on the news a few days ago they were showing riots and it looked dangerous, but I don't know who to believe. Anyone have any suggestions or know of any facts that might help me in my decision? Thank you so much!


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    Hi Mara,

    Nearly all trace of the conflict in February is gone. Egyptians are eager to have tourists back, and you can visit places like Cairo and Luxor without worry.

    One note to help you decide... if you want to see King Tut's tomb, go sooner rather than later! They are reportedly building replicas in order to preserve the orginals from tourists, and at the end of the year they will be ready and the originals will no longer be available for viewing.
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    hi Mara, Egypt is safe and stable now. Tourists from all over the world starts to come again to visit Egypt. it is normal that the country passes difficult unstable timeS after the revolutions but Thanks God, The police with the Army keep the country safe
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