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Syria visa and trip planning advice

edited March 2009 in Middle East
I am hoping to go to Syria this June. I am a US citizen and am aware of the visa requirements to visit Syria, as well as understanding that you cannot get into Syria with an Israel or Jordan stamp on your passport. I also read somewhere that unless you have a stamp from another border country on your passport, you cannot get entry into Syria. I have only been to Europe. Does anyone know if this is true? Would I have to have a passport stamp from, say, Turkey, to get in to Syria?


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    Dear Mr. Mallory


    Concerning on passport, if you already have an Israely stamp on your passport, you may enter Syria as religious tourist group, if you dont have one yet and you want to visit both lands, you may start your trip from Syria

    Concerning Jordanian stamp, ofcourse there is no problem at all in this regard, and you don't have to be in naighboring country before visiting Syria

    Concerning visa for Syria, local Syrian tour operator may help you in this regard, if you are free traveller, you may apply for it from abroad

    At your service for any inquiry concerning Syria & Middle East

    Hope you enjoy your soon trip

    Bye Bye

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    its very nace trip
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